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Free AI Tools for graphic designers

The impact of Artificial intelligence (AI tools) in graphic design and other industries evolving at a very fast pace, Many people are scared of losing their jobs because of AI tools, but AI tools can be very helpful for designers, By leveraging AI, designers can boost their productivity and save a lot of time.

AI tools help designers with automating repetitive tasks to create designs such as generating ideas, mood boards, and many more which we will discuss in upcoming blog posts, In this post I am about to share some best free AI tools for graphic designers, that will save your time, make your workflow easy.

The Evolution of Design with AI

Ai generated image with dall e of a handsome man waering black hooding, money is surrounded in background of him

The way of designing has changed with time, in the beginning when there were no computers, designers used to create designs using hand drawing and artistic skills, then computers and softwares introduced that helped designers create design digitally and a little faster, as time changes we got some ai integrations in softwares that helped designers work more efficiently by suggesting the right things with the help of machine learning. 

Now we have generative AI that helps designers create images, visuals with just text prompts, automate repetitive tasks, understand trends, create precise designs and many more. Artificial intelligence is not replacing designers but is opening doors to endless possibilities by collaborating with designers.

Why Designers Need AI Tools?

Ai tools are secret weapons for designers, these are not just a trend but these are game changer tools for every industry. Ai tools help designers to automate repetitive tasks so designers can focus on creative parts of their projects and deliver projects in a faster time frame.

Ai tools help designers with intelligent suggestions to make designs more precise and creative in a quick turnaround that meets with current trends.

Free AI tools for graphic designers:

In this list of best free AI tools for graphic designers, we have covered free font, image creation, presentation maker, image upscale, and many more free AI-powered tools and websites, so let’s get started

Tome: Presentations, Deck Designs

TOME a free ai tool to make presentations

Tome is an AI-powered presentation maker tool that turns your ideas into beautiful presentation, designs, stories, and decks that attracts people’s attention with great storytelling. This free AI tool offers stunning editable premade template. You just need to click on any template and put your prompt [text] and it will generate attractive designs within a few seconds, and can share it with anyone.


slidesgo ai tool for graphic designers

Create beautiful presentations, social media designs, portfolios, market plan, planner and many more things, slidesgo has various type of templates to create stunning designs with editing feature that allows you create and edit designs with AI.

Beacons AI- link in bio

beacons ai link in bio tool dashboard showing features of beacons ai

Beacons Ai is an Ai powered link management tool for creators and businesses. Social media like twitter, instagram don’t allow you to put multiple links in your bio. To make your important links discoverable for your followers you can use links in bio tools. I have tried several tools for links, and I found Beacons ai most user friendly with great advanced features.

  • Links in bio- It lets you add important blogs, social handles, youtube, or other links at one place.
  • Online store- If you want to sell products online, you can create an online store without spending money on websites, sell your items, services directly through beacons page.
  • Email marketing- It also has email marketing tools, collect emails of your followers, fans, create custom email design, send emails, newsletters directly through Beacons AI page.
  • Brand deals- Beacons helps influencers connect with brands and find brand deals for sponsorships.
  • Provide service- You can build your profile to sell your services, create your portfolio and landing page.
  • Track insights- Keep track of your performance, sales,social media engagement, emails, sales, followers, etc.
  • Link shortener- Get rid of long ugly links, shorten links and manage all links at one place.
  • QR code generator- Generate custom qr codes for your website, social media, youtube links, etc.

Get 2 months Beacons pro for free

AI Carousels

ai carousel- a free ai tools to create social media carousel posts

Carosuel posts performs well on social media and allows to explain any topic in a perfect way. Creating carousel post is time taking process, but now you can create carousel posts for social media withing a few clicks, Try this AI powered carousel maker tool AICarousels, it is a free AI tool that allows you turn your texts, and ideas into eye-catching and engaging carousel posts for your social media.

How to use AICarousel

  • Visit the AiCarousels,
  • Select the template you like, or you can customize the templates based on your branding,
  • Write your idea or topic in prompt box and
  • Wait for a few second, it will generate a complete carousel post.
  • Download the file and share on your LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


scribehow ai tool for step by step guides screenshot

Scribehow is game changer ai tool, you might have faced difficulties in explaining taks to your team members, or creating guides for your team or clients, scribenow allows you create step by step tutorials, guides in a very easy way.

No need to take screenshots of each step and write each step, scribehow records step by step process and compiles it in a beautiful presesntation. You can edit and remove unnecesorry screenshots and texts from presentation and can share with your team members and clients easily.

Logo Diffusion

logo diffusion ai tool for graphic designers

Logo diffusion is a gamechanger Ai tool for graphic designers, it is an Ai powered logo design tool that allows you design creative logos with simple text prompts, It not only limited to logo design but you can also redesign existing logos, transform 2d logos into 3d logos, turn any image into a beautiful logos and save them as a vector file format.

Designs.ai : AI Tool for Logo And Graphics

designs ai- free ai tools for graphic designers and non designers

Designs.Ai is an AI-powered tool that helps designers, creators, and agencies create stunning logos, banners, social media posts, and other marketing promotional graphic designs within a quick turnaround, Non-Designers or small businesses who do not have a budget to hire a professional designer can leverage this AI tool to design mockups for products, create content without having knowledge of designing.


3dec3484 c646 436f 8d40 ba6aaa0bd3ef Kittl Magic 03

Kittl is a design Ai tool with thousands of free Ai powered design templates, it allows you create designs using world class premade design templates, plus create designs using Ai text prompts.

You can create stunning t shirt designs, logo designs, vectors, illustrations, text effects, background removal and many other graphic designs.

Canva Magic Ai


Canva is most popular design tool for designers and non designers, it continuesly improving and adding advanced features in it. Canva known for its user freindly interface that a non designer also can use easily. It offers various types of templates for designing that is enough for a small businesses who needs inexpensive graphic designs for their business.

Canva introduced canva magic ai feature that allows users create stunning designs with a few clicks and text inputs, user can generate beautiful designs using canva magic with text prompts and can edit them according to their requirements.


icon finder, best tool for designers

Iconfinder is a great place to find free amazing icons, 3D elements, vectors, and graphics in various categories, that you can use for your next design projects from UI/UX design to logo or any other graphic design project, They have a collection of millions of icons that can be used for free.

Huemint : Ai-Powered Color Palette Generator

huemint color pelatte generator for designers

Huemint AI tool helps designers generate unique color palettes for their design projects whether it is logo, branding, or website color theme. It has some more advanced features than average color palette generator tools or websites. It has a complete branding mockup, you can preview the whole color palette in branding applications.

Nero AI-Powered Image Enhancer

nero ai best ai tool for upscaling images

When it comes to enhancing image quality, Nero AI is the most potent image upscaling-free AI tool in my experience, it lets you improve the image quality of blurred, and pixellated images.

This ai tool transforms low resolution images into high-resolution images without losing the quality, It offers free credits per day for image editing, with image enhancement it also allows you edit your images, colorize black and white images and many more features.

Key features of Nero AI

  • Image upscaling
  • Image colorization
  • Photo Tager online
  • Photo restoration
  • Turn photos into ai art

How to use Nero AI

  • Visit the neroai website
  • Select the editing feature you want to use
  • Upload your image
  • Submit the file and wait for few seconds
  • Preview the result, and download image.

Lets enahnce

lets enhance image upscaler ai tool

Lets enahnce is an ai powered image enahancing tool that let’s you upscale the images without losing its quality. Let’s enhance works with machine learning technology to improve the quality of any image as well as correct the colors and errors in images.

Graphic designers, Digital marketers, Photo editors or small business owners use this tool to enhance image quality wheter it is for product photos for ecommerece business or any other images, letsenhance can help you with any kind of images.

How to use Lets Enhance Image upscaler

  • Visit let’s enahance website
  • Upload your image or drag&drop image
  • Click on submit
  • Wait for few seconds 
  • Review the image, and download the high resolution image.

Iloveimg- Online image editing ai tool for designers

Screenshot of iloveimg tool website page

Iloveimg is a free online image editing ai tool for graphic designers, it offers many features like upscaling image quality, converting images into various formats, optimize images for web, resize images, compress images and many more.

Image enhancer- Iloveimg lets you transform low quality, pixelated images into high resolution images, it allows you to enlarge images up to 4x quality. 

Image optimization- Optimize and compress large size images without losing quality

Format conversion- Convert image formats between JPG, PNG, WEBP, HEIC, RAW online.

Background removal- Remove background, you can easily remove background of any image by using this ai-powered tool for free.

How to use Iloveimage features

  • Visit iloveimg website
  • SIgnup- (optional)
  • Upload image
  • Choose the feature you want to apply
  • Preview the results and download edited image

Pic wish: Best AI Background Remover

picwish free ai tool for image enlarging

Are you tired of removing the background manually? Try picwish, An Ai-powered image editing tool for graphic designer and small businesses, it allows you removing the background of any images within seconds, Pikwish offers pro-quality results with high details.

Additionally, It also offers awesone features like removing unnecessary objects from photos, Enahce image quality, image editing, format conversion, photo colorisation. This free AI tool is available for Android/ios and Windows/Mac.

Key features of pikwish ai

  • Background removal
  • Image enhancement with AI
  • File format conversion
  • Image optimization with AI
  • Text to image generation
  • Ai-Powered Image colorisation
  • Basic image editing

FontJoy- AI Font Pair

fontjoy free ai tools for graphic designers

If you struggle in selecting the right fonts for the heading, and subheadings or you always get stuck in finding the right pairing for your fonts for your graphic design project, this free AI tool can be the most helpful resource for graphic designers, FontJoy generates complementary and balanced combinations of font pairings with the preview, You can choose the style of typefaces and make a beautiful pairing with live preview.

Freefaces : Font Library

freefaces website for free fonts and typefaces

Do you love exploring new fonts and typefaces or love visual expression? You will definitely love this website, Freefaces is a collection of the best unique free fonts available on the internet to use freely in your branding, presentations, website, and design projects.

When it comes to making an effective and eye-catching design, font plays a very important role, this website gives you various types of font styles like minimalist, elegant, serifs, sans serifs, etc, the best part is you can use them anywhere legally.


Screenshot of the 10Web AI tool homepage, the starting point of website generation

10Web is an AI powered website builder, it helps you generate customized landing page, ecommerce website, blog websites with help of simple text prompts within a few minutes. You can design beautiful websites with help of 10web and edit it easily with drag and drop feature.

Midjourney Ai

Midjoruney ai text to image ai tool to make logos

Midjourney Ai is a generative ai tool, that allows generate images from natural language text prompts. Midjourney is known for high quality, creative and stunning images. Midjourney offers wide range of features, it became most popular Ai tool for generating Ai artworks. Graphic designers can design logo with Midjourney, Branding design, mockups, website design, Ai powered book covers, posters, illustrations or any other graphic design ideas. 

How to access midjourney

To acess midjourney you need to register on discord,

  • Then visit midjourney website,
  • Create an account, 
  • Choose plan
  • Start generating images via discord, 
  • You can also make a private server on discord and invite midjourney bot on your server.
  • After completing these steps, 
  • Go to your server, click on the message box and type /imagine + your text prompt and start creating, to understand more you can follow Beginners guide to Midjourney AI

Ideogram AI

ideogram ai text to image generator

You might have used or heard about AI image-generating tools like Midjourney, Leonardo ai, etc. that transform any text into beautiful images, Ideogram ai is a similar AI tool that generates images from text but it is more advanced than Midjourney in terms of generating text on the images.

Midjourney and other image generating tools struggles with creating or writing perfect text on the images, either it will be in some strange language or it will be smudged that can not be read easily. Ideogram creates perfect images with clean and clear text on the design. If you are looking for a free alternative to Midjourney then Ideogram can be the best alternative to Midjourney Ai.

beautiful colorful text image generated with ideogram ai

Creating t-shirt designs, logos, or any other designs that contain text, this AI tool can help you make them perfectly. Additionally, you can make money with AI tools by selling AI generated images on various platforms.

FengMyShui Ai– Text to image generator

fengmyshui ai tool text to image generator

Feng My Shui Ai is a new text-to-image generator tool, which is another alternative to Midjourney. It produces high-quality images similar to MidjourneyAi without joining any discord servers, You need to put your prompt and click on generate. FengMyShui Ai is also available for Android and IOS mobile devices.

Bing image generator- Dall-e

Miscrosoft image generator with dall-e prompt interface

Dall-e is a text to image generator ai tool by openai, Dall-e can be accecced through bing image generator and from Chatgpt Pro. It generates realistic images based on simple text prompts.designers can use this ai tool to generate creative concepts, and ideas for designs, generate illustrations, branding, website design ideas, presentation ideas and many more graphic design visuals. Check out these Dall-e prompts for interior design to create interiors with dall-e.

How to use dall-e image generator with bing

  • Visit Bing.com
  • Click on the images
  • Select generate
  • Login or signup with your account
  • Write your prompt and hit generate.


chatgpt prompt for designers for brainstroming

ChatGPT is most popular and most visited Ai tool, it is created by OpenAi. This ai tool is a text chatbot trained on so many textual data that generates human like response of any text, which means if you ask anything to this tool, It will respond like a human.

Designers can use ChatGPT to generate design concepts, mood boards, brainstrom ideas, research about industry, trends, learn design tools, fix software errors, translate briefs, understand complecated texts or documents, writing emails, dummy texts for websites, branding or any projects, generate dummy briefs for beginner designers to make portfolio works and many more things with its free version. and with paid plans you can explore many more things such as installing plugings for image generation, reading pdfs, create custom gpt and many other premium features.

Various AI tools for designers infographic


In this blog post, we have shared the best free AI tools for graphic designers that boost your creativity and productivity, From free fonts, and image upscaling to making beautiful presentations and content for your business these AI tools your work efficiency will be improved. We hope you find this post helpful Also, Let us know your favorite AI tool that you use daily.

FAQ- AI tools for graphic designers

What is the best free AI tool for removing background?

Picwish is the best AI tool to remove background from any image for free and provides high-resolution images without any subscription

What is the best AI tool for image upscaling?

Ainero is the best free AI tool to enlarge any image for free within seconds and provides your ultimate results without having any subscription plan.

What is the best free alternative to Midjourney Ai

Ideogram can be the best free alternative to MidjourneyAi it generates stunning images from text, plus it works amazing with typography and text-based images.

How chatgpt can help graphic designers?

ChatGPT can help graphic designers with many tasks such as – brainstrom ideas for logos and graphics, creating concepts, generate dummy texts, summerize design brief, simplify client briefs, suggest colors and typography, research about industries, find design trends, fix software errors, learn graphic design tips and tools.

Which Ai tool is best for graphic design?

There are a bunch of amazing Ai tools that are useful for graphic designers. If you are looking for a tool that contains a wide range of features that graphic designers need, then Kittl and DesignsAi are best Ai tools for graphic designers, content creators and editors. These Ai tools allow  you to edit images, create generative art with text prompts, design logos, brandings, t-shirts, posters and many more, additionally these have a big library of Ai powered editable design templates.

How can graphic designers use Ai?

Design is evolving with artificial intelligence, it has changed the way of designing and made so many things more efficient and faster. Graphic designers can use Ai tools and technology to boost their productivity by automating repetitive tasks with generative ai tools like Google bard, ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas, generate concepts, generate color palettes, understanding trends, summarising content, writing emails, content etc, and using text-to-image Ai tools like Midjourney and dall-e to create eye catching images, artworks for design projects.

Can Ai replace graphic designers?

Artificial intelligence is growing very fastly, it seems it will replace graphic designers but that is not completely true, Ai has been helping graphic designers from many years with various purposes, earlier designers used to create designs using their hand drawn skills later computer and technologies get evolved, later some tools were integrated for designing and that helped designers to create designs in more efficient way, Later we saw design tools got advanced and helped designers with suggestions for designs, colors, typographies, same as that Ai tools are going to help designers make their work more efficient and faster, Ai will replace the designers who does not upgrade them self, keep updating your skills and consider Ai as a friend, it will help you grow and make more money.


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