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In today’s digital world, the internet is filled with AI tools, and everyone is talking about AI (artificial intelligence). This is an excellent opportunity for designers, freelancers and students to optimize workflow and make money through these AI tools. In this guide, we will talk about the practical and easy ways to make money with AI tools; we will share some of the best AI tools by which you can boost your business and increase your income.

Ways To Make Money with AI Tools

1- Sell Ai-Generated Images

Make money by selling AI-generated images on stock websites. You might have used text-to-image AI tools like Midjourney, Ideogram, Leonardo AI, Dall-E or any generative AI Tool to create AI images or artworks. Have you ever thought about profiting from them? You can transform you Ai artworks into a side hussle to make a decent passive income, Many artsits are making a good amount of money be selling AI images on various stock websites. You can consider listed websites below, to create Ai generated using Midjourney, Leonardo and Sell them online

Popular AI Tools to Generate Images

Stock Websites Accepting AI-Generated Art

Many stock image websites accept AI-generated images on their platform; here are some of the best ones that accept AI-generated images and pays for each sale you make.


freepik contributor website interface

Freepik: If you are a designer or content creator, you might have heard about Freepik. Freepik is the popular platform for artists, photographers and designers to sell their art, illustrations, graphic designs, photography and many more. You can sell your ai AI-generated images on Freepik and make a passive income source. It allows creators to sell AI-generated images with Stable Diffusion, Midjourney Ai, and Leonardo Ai.

To get started, you need to create a Freepik contributor account, complete your document verification, and start selling AI images.

Type of AI Art to Sell on Freepik

  • Ai-generated Stock Images
  •  Ai-generated Patterns
  •  Ai-generated Illustrations
  •  Ai-generated Textures
  •  Ai-generated Backgrounds
  •  Portraits
  •  Ai-generated Product Photos
  •  Ai-generated Graphics
  •  Ai-generated Icons
  •  Ai-generated Ui/Ux Designs
  •  Ai-generated Badge, Shields, Logos, etc.


Wirestock.io: is an AI-powered stock image selling platform; it allows designers, artists, and photographers to list their images on it to sell on various stoke image websites such as Shutterstock, Freepik, Adobe Stock, etc. Users can upload and sell AI-generated images from any image AI tool like Midjourney AI Leonardo.

This platform also allows users to generate images with text, similar to other text-to-image AI tools. When you generate or upload an image, you can directly list it for sale on this platform, and it will showcase your images on popular stock image websites. Whenever someone purchases your image, you will receive payment for it. This website also hosts challenges where you can participate and win prize money for your artwork.

Wirestocks allows you to sell AI-generated images from Midjourney, and You can sell Stock image photography, Portraits, Illustrations, patterns and textures and many more.

Adobe Stocks

Adobe Stock is a well-known stock image website by Adobe that allows photographers, designers, and artists to sell and purchase photography, images, illustrations, and vector graphics. It allows contributors to sell AI-generated images and gives royalty or commission for the images when someone purchases them. You can start selling textures, backgrounds, portraits, illustrations or any other ai generated artwork to make extra money.

2- Sell AI services on Fiverr.

ai powered ad creative design

Integrate AI with your design projects and offer AI art and design services that can be done leveraging AI-powered tools such as AI avatar videos, AI-generated spokesperson videos for businesses, ai generated book covers, children’s book illustrations, generated comic design, Product mockups, Logos, Concept art, Interior design images, etc. These can make you a great source of side income; many designers and artists make over $ 10,000 a month by selling AI art services on Fiverr and Upwork.

Fiverr freelancer marketplace ai artist page interface

To get started on it, go to fiverr.com and explore the AI art section to get an idea of what you can offer customers.

  • Choose your niche
  •  Create a seller account.
  •  Complete Your profile
  •  Keywords research
  •  Checkout competitors Gigs
  •  Keyword research
  •  Create Your gig [ Keep low price at starting to get orders ]
  •  Promote your Gigs on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Valuable Tools For Ai-Powered Designs

  • ChatGPT, Rytr, CopyAI, Jasper– Research, Content Creation, Writing assistance
  •  Midjourney Ai, Lexica, LeonardoAI– Image generation
  •  HeygenSynthesia, – Ai avatar Video, spokesperson Video
  •  Veed.io– Generate captions for your videos
  •  Repurpose– Edit long-form videos in shorts; best for turning podcasts into short videos.
  •  Eleven labs- Voice over (Text-to-Voice)
  •  CarouselAi Create carousels for social media
  •  DesignsAiKittl– Design logos, graphics, illustrations, vectors, social media etc.

3- Create and Sell Digital Products

beautiful office scene having digital products shown on the computer and mobile screen

The Power of Digital Product Sales

Selling digital products is a great way to make money online. It could be challenging initially, but once you build a strong audience, you can generate unlimited income through your digital product sales. You can sell Chatgpt, Midjourney, Leonardo prompts, prints, t-shirt designs, guides, templates, courses, and more.

4- AI Digital Arts and Ai Generated Images

An image showcasing a 3D logo design for a tech business, created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI.

Create digital artworks like logos, Vectors, Illustrations, Book covers, Patterns, Printables, Planners, etc, using AI tools such as MidjourneyAi, LeonardoAI, Lexica, and Idiogram and sell them on platforms like Etsy, Gumroad, Creativemarket, Freepik, or your website and market them through social media, ads to generate sales. For

Read Also- Design logo using Midjoureny and Leonardo AI

5- Ai Shorts and Reels

Produce short-form content using AI avatars and spokespersons for universal categories that can be used by any business, like Motivation, Quotes, and Personal development, and sell them as a bundle package. Every business takes time to create social media content so that you can sell these reels and short Ai avatar reel bundles to them.

6- Courses

Create online courses related to AI, make tutorials, and Teach others about AI, for example- prompt writing, text-to-image generation using AI, AI tools complete guides, and sell them on Skillshare, Gumroad, and YouTube. For example- How to use Midjourney to create T-shirt designs for dropshipping.

7- Ebooks

Write and publish ebooks about the topics you are knowledgable in, create cheatsheets, step-by-step guides, prompt writing tips, generative AI tips, guides for beginners, AI tools for small businesses, etc, and sell them on Gumroad, Etsy, Amazon—example- A beginner’s guide to writing better prompts.

Platforms for Selling Ai Digital Products

Here’s a list of some popular platforms for selling digital products online

  • Skillshare– Sell online courses
  •  Gumroad  Sell digital products and paid memberships
  •  Etsy  Sell printables, planners, t-shirt designs, templates, ebooks, plus physical products via print
  •  Promptbase Sell ChatGPT, MidjourneyAI, Leonardo, Stable DIffusion Prompts
  •  Personal website/landing page- [ wordpress, Shopify, Wix, squarespace]
  •  RazorpayCosmofeedPaypal– To collect payments and create checkout pages

Useful AI Tools

Content Creation Tools

Design and Graphics AI Tools

Ai Powered Website Development Tools

AI-Chatbot Creation Tools

8- Create AI-powered websites.

A website is an essential part of every business these days. You can provide AI-powered website development services to small businesses and personal brands that need an online presence. Many AI-powered website builders are available, which can generate a complete website within a few clicks and 10-15 minutes. These are easy to customize and handle, allowing you to tailor them to the customer’s requirements.

9- Create and sell AI-Chatbots

If you have basic programming skills, you can create and manage AI chatbots for businesses; many businesses are willing to pay for automated customer support solutions. You can make chatbots without coding skills, and tools like Chatbase allow you to create automated AI chatbots without coding skills.

10- AI Consultation Service

Consult with businesses looking for AI solutions, helping them leverage AI to optimize their marketing, boost sales, and improve their current business workflows; guide them through the best AI solutions.

You can provide these consultation services through freelancing platforms such as Fiver and Upwork or create your own website and social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and email marketing to reach potential customers.

11- Content creation

Start creating content with the help of AI-powered writing tools for your blogs, social media, and YouTube to generate income with AdSense, sponsor posts and affiliate products, or else you can provide AI-powered services to businesses and personal brands.

AI services for content creation

Articles and blog posts outline- Write high-quality articles and blog posts with the help of AI and edit them by adding your personal touch to the posts to make them original and human-written, perform keyword research, optimize articles for SEO, avoid copying and pasting content from ai tools, and always cross check the content before publishing or delivering to the client.

Social media captions and hashtags- Generate catchy and engaging social media captions, hashtag research, and automate posting on social media for your clients.

Product Description for ecommerce businesses- Help ecommerce businesses write compelling product descriptions.


In this blog post, we explore strategies for earning a side income with AI tools. We delve into leveraging AI tools to generate content and monetize it through various methods, such as offering AI-powered services, selling digital products, images, and AI-generated art online. Additionally, we provide recommendations for the best AI tools across different categories to suit a variety of tasks.

Best AI Tool for image editing and image generation

Midjourney AI
Leonardo AI
Ideogram AI
Lexica Ai

Best AI Tool for Graphic Design

Best AI Tools for website making

Which Stock Image Websites Accepts Ai Generated Images

Freepik, Wirestock and Adobe Stocks are most popular stock websites that accepts AI Generated Images. You can make a passive income by selling your AI generated images on these websites.

Does shutterstocks accepts Ai generated Images?

No, Shutterstocks does not accept Ai generated images for selling, but you can generate AI image with Shutterstock’s Text to image tool

Can I sell AI images and make money?

Yes, You can make money by selling ai generated images and artworks on stock image websites, such as freepik, wirestocks.


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