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Designers can use ChatGPT for their business and to boost their productivity by 30-40% for everyday tasks, such as brainstorming ideas, finding best fonts, inspirations, resources, writing emails, writing proposals, and many more. But what is this ChatGPT and How do you use it?

What is ChatGPT?

Chatgpt is a text based Ai tool that provides information based on your text prompts. It’s like an intelligent assistant that works 24×7 with you, whenever you want anything it will be there for you, You just need to put some text prompts or questions and queries you have it will give you best possible results for your questions. ChatGPT has free and paid both plans, but you can use free versions for your basic tasks. Let’s see how you can also use ChatGPT with your design projects.

What is Prompt?

Prompt is a detailed text that you put in any generative ai tool to generate the best response from it. In a simple way prompts are instructions that help AI tools understand your requirements, it can be any questions or description. 

How ChatGPT can help Designers?

Infographic titled 'How Designers Can Use ChatGPT' consisting of text blocks arranged in a step-by-step format

Chatgpt can help designers improve their skills by suggesting best tutorials, guides from various sources. Recommend best techniques for design tools and many more design related resources. It’s important to write the correct prompt to get the best results out of it. I am about to share a few prompts that you can use for your task.

Enhance creativity

Don’t get stuck on any project for ideas and concepts, use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas, concepts for your design project, ChatGPT can help you produce creative ideas for your design projects based on the requirements of your client. Suggest best ideas for maintaining consistency in design elements, Whether it is for logo design, graphic design, UX/UI design or interior design, experiment with prompts and edit the style, theme etc according to your project.

Prompt-Act as an experienced [ logo ] designer, brainstorm a few ideas for the [ minimalist logo] design for a [ real estate ] business, I want a clean logo using the initials of the company name [Company name] that aligns with my business. My target customer are [ Target customer] 

chatgpt prompt for designers for brainstroming

Feedback and Problem-Solving

Revisions are the most common thing in design projects, sometimes clients ask for the changes which we don’t understand what they want in design, it gets frustrating to understand the actual vision of the client. ChatGPT can help you understand clients’ feedback in a very easy way. Ask ChatGPT to explain the text in easy way or You can copy and paste the conversation between your client to ChatGPT and ask chat gpt to provide best solution for it, 

Solve Problems

Chatgpt can help you with daily life problems, such as issues with technical stuff, software issues, design tools. Whenever you get stuck in any kind of technical problem just ask chatgpt how you can solve it, ChatGPT will guide you through easiest ways to solve your problems, whether it is hardware related problem or software related problem, chatgpt can help with fix any kind of errors and issues.

Language Help

Chatgpt can help freelancers with language gaps, when you work with overseas clients, or different language speaking clients, it is very important to understand the requirements of the client to get best output for the project, google translator may not always gives you correct translations but you can utilise power of ChatGPT to translate the briefs and conversation from different language

Design Specific Support

Imagine you are working on a complex design project and you need some help in it, it is very time taking to find related tutorials and guides for that, but using ChatGPT you can do it within a few seconds, ask chatgpt to provide step by step tutorial for topic, it will guide you through topic in a easy way.

Designers can ask chatgpt to recommend the best places to find resources for design projects according to the project theme, style, vision, feel etc, Additionally, it can help decide between various fonts, color palettes, mockups, elements for design.

-Design logo using Midjourney Ai

Font suggestion

If you are confused in choosing correct font for your design, chatgpt can help you choose best and suitable font for the project

Prompt: “Suggest me some best suitable typography and font family for [branding and logo] for [Busines details]”

chatgpt prompt for designers for typography suggestions

Color palette

It can suggest a suitable color palette for your project, and can help with generating new color palette options,color combinations to enhance the visual impact according to requirements of the project.

Prompt: “Suggest best suitable color palette for branding and logo design with hex code, rgb, cmyk, and pantone code for[ business details ]”

chatgpt prompt for designers for color palette


Don’t use Lorem ipsum text in your next design projects, instead generate dummy text from ChatGPT that looks realistic and more natural in your projects.

Prompt- “Provide [ 300 words] dummy text for presentation design for a [Business type], it must include keywords related to [industry], keep professional tone, easy english vocabulary”

chatgpt prompt for designers to generate dummy texts

Validate Ideas

Discuss your project with chatgpt and ask for feedback, suggestions about it, Chatgpt can give you different points of view for the design you might not have considered during the design process, and suggest improvements in design.

Learn New Things

ChatGPT can help you upgrade your skills, learn about new design trends, techniques, ask ChatGPT any question related to a topic you want to learn, it will provide you with step by step guides to do that task.

For example – You want to learn about elements of design in a very eay way, then you can ask chatgpt

Prompt- “Act as an experienced graphic designer, teach me [elements of design] like a ten year old, [ language]”

Prompt- “ I am beginner graphic designer, I want you to teach me “topic” in a easy way with step by step, using pointers, relevant examples”

Professional Development and Freelancing Guidance

Help with handling freelancing projects, managing contracts, communication with clients, asking relivent questions for the project, it helps you prioritise the task according to work load and deadlines, let you focus on important tasks, Use chatgpt for creating contracts, writing impactful proposals.

Social media content creation using chatgpt-

Utilize ChatGPT to write engaging social media captions, hashtag research, create content, plan your content strategy, content calendar.

Email writing- 

Write personalised emails for outreaching your clients, ask chatgpt to write email copies that suits your service. Write captivating newsletters for your followers.

Final thoughts

We have discussed about Chatgpt and prompts,how designers can leverage ChatGPT Ai to improve their productivity, learn new skills, managing freelancing projects, brainstorming design ideas, finding resources for designs, Hope it was useful post for you, if you liked this article then you may also like Free Ai Tools For Designers, share your thoughts and Let us know which AI tool you use for your works?


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