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a beautiful girl and the 3d cartoon version of her created using stylar ai with text overlay What is stylar ai How to make money with this ai tool

Hundreds of tools released each week, it’s always fun to play with new tools and create artworks using these tools, but most of them have limited credits or they are paid. Have you ever thought to make money with these tools instead of just paying for subscriptions?

Many people are using Ai tools and making money by selling ai powered services as a freelancer on various online platforms. Many people are selling image generation services but it is getting saturated, but ( Styler ) Dzine Ai has many other design styles, and services that you can provide as a designer or a non techy person, I will share some best ways to earn money with Styler Ai and start freelancing with these services.

What is Dzine ai?

Dzine Ai earlier it was ( Stylar Ai ) is an advanced image generator ai tool which comes with many advanced features including image generations, in a very short time stylar has gained good popularity because of its amazing features. 

Stylar has a very easy user interface with various editing features. You can use these features without writing complex prompts and descriptions for any design you create with it. It’s like a store for graphic design tools that can be accessed easily by anyone, whether you are a designer or non designer with no technical knowledge, it’s perfect for everyone.

How to use Dzine ai?

  • Using Dzine ai is very easy and simple, to access styler ai visit their official website Here, create your account using your email and follow further steps to complete your account,
 Dzine AI creating account for What is Stylar Ai, How to make money with this AI tool?
  • Once you are done with account setup, you will receive 200 coins to create designs for free, if you are satisfied with results then you can upgrade your account according to your requirements.
  • Once these steps are complete, You will see styles on the screen, select any style, or click on new project
  • Select  dimensions [ image ratio ]
  • Upload image, 
Stylar ai ,  Dzine AI creating account for What is Stylar Ai, How to make money with this AI tool? creating images with stylar ai
  • Select feature from left panel, write prompt, negative prompt, click stylarize and wait for the results.
Choose styles, stylar ai, Dzine AI interface screenshot
  • You can re generate the image if you are not satisfied with result,
a beautiful girl and the 3d cartoon version of her created using stylar ai
  • Once you get desired results, download the images.

How to make money with Stylar Ai?

You will see many design styles on stylar ai, some of them are popular categories that you can use to sell as a service.

Watercolor paintings

watercolor drawing of a street architecture

Watercolor style drawings and paintings are a popular category. People buy watercolor style paintings for their print on demand business, prints, architectural portfolios, marketing images, and many other purposes, these drawings attract viewers with its sophisticated look.

2d to 3d

Minimalistic 3D colorful butterfly enamel pin , product display on purple background, sleek podium, clean design photorealistic photography, focus on product, high resolution

Turn 2d images into interactive 3d images, these could be architectural and interior designs, furniture models, 3d elements, icons, logos, or vectors for marketing graphics. 3D designs make your design look more attractive and capture the attention of viewers. 

Coloring book drawings

Many people are making passive income by selling coloring books on amazon, etsy and other marketplaces. You can create coloring ebooks and sell them on amazon, or sell these drawings on stock image websites. You can sell this service as a freelancer on platforms like fiverr and upwork. This niche is a little competitive and saturated.

Product mockups

Close-up shot of bathroom cleaner product with creative packaging design, stones in the background, studio lighting - Realistic vray render, Sony a7R IV camera

Every business requires good photography, mockups for their products, products with good images get more sales, with stylar ai you can create stunning product mockups, variations with beautiful backgrounds that look professional. You can provide mockup creation services to ecommerce businesses.

Interior designs from sketch

dall-e ai generated Interior design of an urban loft living space with concrete floors, exposed brick wall, modern furniture, vintage decor, and natural lighting.

Stylar ai lets you transform your scratched into beautiful interior designs, architectural renders within a few seconds. Upload sketch and click generate, it will transform your scratches into realistic interior designs. If you dont have sketch then you can create designs by writing interior design prompts, explain details about the area, theme, style etc. You can provide this service on freelancing platforms and make money with it.

Mobile screen wallpapers

diverse group of aliens with a woman showing love

Selling mobile screen wallpaper could be a good way to make money with ai, people love to customise their phone screens frequently with different wallpapers, you can focus on a particular theme, style and niche and create wallpapers from stylar ai, you can use other text to image tools to create wallpapers, and sell them online marketplace like etsy or you can use link in bio tools to sell wallpaper online. 

Face swapping

Face swapping is another popular and new category in ai powered services. Many brands started using Ai influencers for their business, hiring models, photoshoots are more costly than Ai influencers, but maintaining consistent character is a little challenging for ai influencer, you can sell face swapping services to these brands to maintain the consistent face of the model, or can create your own ai influencer for your business, or create content with consistency once you get good amount of followers you can earn money with brand deals, promotions etc. 

Platforms to sell Ai-powered services

Freelancing platforms became saturated after covid, but Ai services are still new for these platforms, so it is easy to stand out with Ai powered services on freelancing platforms, listed below are few platforms and marketplaces where you can sell these ai powered services created with Stylar Ai.

Fiverr- Fiverr is a freelancing platform where people buy and sell various services online, Fiverr is best for beginners who are planning to start freelancing. Freelancer creates their gigs about their services and publishes on fiverr, it has a fixed price service method, that means you put a fixed price on your gigs for your service, it is free to use.

Upwork- Upwork is the most popular freelancing platform, where you can sell your services to the people across the globe, it is a little advanced than fiverr, and it has hourly based projects as well as fixed priced projects. This is best suitable for people who already have experience in freelancing. Getting clients on Upwork may be challenging for new freelancers and need to spend some money to bid on jobs. 

Create account on Upwork

Etsy- Etsy is an online marketplace that gained popularity for handmade items, but people can buy & sell digital products, services on etsy. You can make a listing of your service and list on etsy, it costs 0.25$ for each listing.

Create account on Etsy and get 20 free listings

Social Media- Most of the businesses are available on social media and making most of the sales through social media, social media is a great way to market your service , create awareness about your product and services. Create content around your service and niche, and provide these services through your social media like pinterest, tiktok and instagram.

Stock image websites- Many stock image websites accepts ai generated content on their platform, you can sell your artworks, images on these stock image websites and make money with it, you can sell images, vectors, logos, posters etc on stock image websites, like Freepik, Adobe stocks etc,  if you want to know more about how to make money by selling ai images on Freepik then you can check this article.

Other image generator Ai tools

  • Midjourney– Best for realistic, high quality images [Paid]
  • RendernetAi– Best for consistent characters, faces [Freemium]
  • Ideogram– Best for text based designs, realistic images [Freemium]
  • LeonardoAI– Best for various models, styles, realistic images, motion animation etc [Freemium]
  • Bing Image ( Dall-E )– Best for realistic and high quality images but with limitaitons unlike other ai tools [ Free with bing images and Microsft copilot]

Final thoughts

In this article we shared what stylar ai and how to make money with stylar ai by selling various ai powered services on freelancing platforms and online marketplaces. We have created an account on stylar ai, create images with it, few popular and on demand services that can help you earn money. Hope you have got an idea on how you can use stylar ai and make money with it. What is your favourite ai tool and have you tried to monetize your ai skills? 

FAQ: Stylar Ai

Can i swap faces in stylar ai?

Stylar ai is a powerful ai tool, you can swap faces with stylar images and get consistent characters for your images, wheter it is for marketing purpose or personal use.

Which Ai tool is best alternative to leonardo ai and midjourney ai?

Midjourney and Leonardo Ai are text to image ai tools that creates stunning, realistic and high quality images with help of text prompts, there are many other ai tools available to create ai images, Styler Ai that is now Dzine Ai could be a best alternative for leonardo ai and midjourney ai, it comes with many advanced features like text to image, image to image, sketch to image, sketch to 3d and many more creative features that can be useful for businesses and designers

Which is best Ai tool for sketch to image generator?

Stylar, Dzine Ai is best ai tool to transform sketches into beautiful artoworks and images in various styles according to your needs.

Is stylar / Dzine ai free tool?

Stylar ai is a freemium ai tool for creating images, designs, artworks. It gives 200 credits to user for creating images and artworks for free, to access advanced features you can upgrade to paid plans.

Is Stylar and Dzine Ai are same?

Stylar Ai has changed their name and branding, they are now Dzine AI with some new updates and new features.

a beautiful girl and the 3d cartoon version of her created using stylar ai with text overlay What is stylar ai How to make money with this ai tool

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What is Stylar Dzine Ai, How to make money with this AI tool?