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An image featuring a futuristic logo design created with Midjourney and Leonardo AI, set against a backdrop of a black statue wearing futuristic VR goggles

Have you ever wondered how Midjourney and Leonardo AI can turn your thoughts into stunning logo designs, or get inspiration for your logo design projects? In this article, you will learn how you can create logo designs using Midjourney Ai and Leonardo AI. However, Midjourney and Leonardo Ai aren’t good with text-based designs but these can be helpful to get inspiration and ideas for your logo projects. So let’s get started with understanding the basic difference between Midjourney Ai and Leonardo Ai.

What is Midjourney AI?

Midjoruney ai text to image ai tool to make logos

Midjourney AI is a text-to-image generative AI that produces images based on text prompts. Midjourney can help you boost your productivity and make your work speed faster. If you are stuck in between getting ideas or inspiration for your logo, graphic, or any design project, you can use Midjurney to generate visuals to get basic ideas about your designs.

It can be accessed via Discord, Midjourney currently stopped its free plans, You can choose any paid plan based on your requirements. In our previous guide we have explained the step by step process of creating AI art using Midjourney. You can read this guide to know more about creating images with Midjourney AI.

What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo ai text to image ai tool to make logos

Leonardo AI is another text-to-image AI tool that is an alternative to Midjourney, Leonardo currently allows you to generate images for free, it provides users 150 credits every day to generate images, You can generate stunning images and logos using Leonardo AI for free. It comes with so many amazing features like text-to-image, image-to-image, motion, real-time art generator, and many more, to use more features you can explore its paid plans. You can access Leonardo from the web and iOS app.

How to design a logo using Midjourney and Leonardo Ai?

To create a logo using Midjourney and Leonardo you need to have a clear idea about style, type of logo, and a little description about your idea and craft all the details in a prompt structure. A few things to consider are writing prompts for logo design using text-to-image AI tools.

Understand the brand

Whether you are designing a logo for your own business or designing for your clients, it’s very important to understand the brand’s vision, mission, target customers, business industry, and requirements for the logo.

Create a basic concept for a logo

Once you understand the brand and logo requirements, craft a description for the logo that includes all the details and requirements for the logo such as theme, style, color scheme, feel, typography, etc.

Choose the logo types and styles

Here are styles, types, themes, and designer references you can follow for your logo designs.

An image providing insights into various logo styles, types, and famous designers, along with the utilization of Midjourney and Leonardo AI in logo design

Mascot logo

Mascot logos are used to represent a brand with a character or mascot in cartoon style, these logos are most commonly used by fastfood brands, entertainment, gaming, or brands that taget younger demographics, Some famous mascot logos are KFC, Pringles, and Wendy’s. 

Lettermark logo- 

Lettermark logos consist of brand initial letters, and abbreviations to make bigger names concisely. Lettermark logos are best suitable for businesses that have complicated or longer names. Some famous lettermark logos are IBM, CNN, HBO, HP, P&G, etc. These can be used for finance, tech, media, or professional services businesses.

Emblem Logo

Emblem logos consist of icons, symbols, elements, and texts incorporated in the icon, these are most commonly used by brands with rich histories like educational organisations, restaurants, historical brands, sports, NGOs, and many more, these logos are used to show classic aesthetics. Some famous brands with emblem logos are – Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Porsche, Warner Bros, NASA, and Harvard.

Wordmark Logo

Wordmark logos are created using a company or brand name with stylish or unique customized typography to make the brand’s name memorable. Some famous wordmark logos are Coca-Cola, amazon, and Cadbury, these logos are designed using the complete name of the company with unique features. The most famous wordmark logos are Google, Coca-Cola,eBay, Oracle, FedEx

Pictorial Mark Logo

Pictorial mark logos are created using a symbol or icon inspired without any text or typography in it, pictorial mark logos are memorable and timeless. The most famous pictorial mark logos are Apple, Twitter bird logo, Target

Abstract Mark Logo

Abstract logos are created using abstract shapes, symbols, motifs, or geometrical shapes to represent the brand’s identity, vision, and values in a unique style. Famous abstract mark logos are- Nike Swoosh, McDonalds, Pepsi, 

Vintage logo design

Vintage logos are inspired by ancient, or past eras, most commonly from the 20th century and earlier times, these logos are used to convey a sense of nostalgia and traditional aesthetics with classic color schemes.

These logos consist of retro typography, textures, and different types of hatch, drawing styles. Vintage logos are used by brands that aim to convey craftsmanship, heritage, and traditional aesthetics.

These logos are most commonly used by fashion brands, food and beverage businesses, lifestyle brands, vintage-inspired salons, etc. Famous logos– Jack Daniels

Hand drawn logos

Logos are drawn by hand using traditional drawing methods and then digitized by tracing by keeping the essence of hand drawing in it. These logos are usually in uneven shapes, and imperfect lines similar to drawings and sketches. Brands that aim to convey a feeling of human touch, creativity, and artistic look use hand-drawn logos for their brands.

These types of logos are most commonly used by art and craft businesses, kids educational, handcrafts, etc,

Famous hand-drawn logo– Innocent Drinks

3d Logos

3d logos are used to show depth and dimension illusion with tint and shades, light effects, perspective, and textures, these logos are used by entertainment industries, technology, gaming, architecture, etc. 3d logos make a logo stand out in a crowd and leave a lasting and memorable impression. These logos are easy to remember and visually appealing.

Famous 3d logos– Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Sony Ericsson, Adidas, PlayStation

Graffiti Logos

Graffiti logos are inspired by Street creative arts, these are created using creative style custom typography, playful colors, and innovative imagery.

These logos are used by artists, personal brands, hip-hop artists, related to art and creative fields, and brands that target young people.

Craft prompt

To create logos you will need to have a well-structured prompt for your design, a well-crafted prompt helps generative AI tools understand your idea, and based on the prompt it generates images, the more clear and more concise the prompt you provide the better results you get. 

You can follow this basic prompt structure for creating images, it is not a fixed or permanent structure you can add, remove, or switch the placements of the details in the prompt. Designers can use ChatGPT for creating logo design prompts.

Prompt for Midjourney- 

[ /Imagine logotype + description + style + theme + color palette + no (to exclude things from the logo like realistic images, texts, or anything else that you don’t need in your logo)

Prompt for Leonardo ai- 

Prompt section- [ Description + logo type + style + theme + color palette ]

Negative prompt section- [ things that you want to exclude in the image ]

Let’s design a few logos on Midjourney and Leonardo using the same prompt.

Follow this Prompt Structure-  /Imagine logo type description + style + theme + color palette + no ]  and fill in the details in it. You can move details from left to right or switch the positions of these details.

Logotype- Mascot logo, Style- illustration style, Color- orange color, best for food-related businesses, Background- plain white, at last we will use NO parameter to avoid realistic character, as I need an illustration style logo so I will add “–no + photorealistic details” at the end of the prompt

Prompt Midjourney- [ mascot logo design for a food delivery business, featuring Swift as a mascot, illustration style, using orange color, plain white background –no photorealistic details ]

The same prompt I will use for Leonardo Ai, except for the “–no” parameter, instead I will use the negative prompt to avoid things that I don’t want in the logo.

Mascot logo design for food delivery business

An image showcasing a mascot logo design, imbued with personality and created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI

Emblem logo design for basketball sports team

Prompt- [ Emblem logo design for a basketball sports team “Thunderhawks”, vibrant colors represent energy and strength. ]

An image showcasing an emblem logo design for gaming sports, featuring a dynamic identity and created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI

3d logo design for a tech startup

Prompt- [3d logo design for a tech startup, data and maths elements, 3d metallic effect, white background ]

An image showcasing a 3D logo design for a tech business, created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI.

Lettermark logo for finance business

Prompt- [ letter mark logo design for a finance business using letter HF, plain white background ]

An image showcasing a lettermark logo design for a finance business, exuding professional elegance and created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI

Here we can see the logo created using the letter HF, but you can always regenerate and explore more variations, and options for the logos until you get satisfied with the final output. As Midjourney and Leonardo are not good with text designs, you can get an idea for the logo concept and then recreate it in any vector-based tool. 

Vintage logo for motorbike repair business

Prompt- [vintage logo design for a motorbike repair business, retro style, muted colors, –no realistic images]

An image depicting a vintage-inspired logo design for a motorbike, created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI

Vintage retro logo design for a photo studio

Prompt- [vintage retro logo design, for a photo studio “SnapJoy Studio”, featuring a vintage camera, cross-hatch style, faded hues, highly detailed, plain background –no realistic design]

An image showcasing a vintage-inspired logo design, crafted using Midjourney and Leonardo AI.

Hand-drawn logo for children’s school

Prompt- [hand-drawn logo design for a children’s school, featuring a cute cartoon character, playful style, pastel colors, and balanced design. ]

An image showcasing a hand-drawn logo design, reflecting artistic expression and created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI

Graffiti style logo design

Prompt- [ logo design for a painting artist, “Aria Summers” in futuristic graffiti style, vivid and playful colors, white background, highly detailed design ]

An image showcasing a graffiti-style logo design, featuring an urban edge and created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI.

Simple flat vector logos

Prompt- [simple flat vector logo of a dog for pet food products business, white isolated on black background]

An image showcasing a logo design for a pet product business, characterized by whimsical charm and created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI

Prompt- [Minimal logo design for a coaching business, silhouette of a lion face, flat vector, white background]

An image depicting a lion logo representing a coaching business, crafted using Midjourney and Leonardo AI.

Minimalist style logo design

Prompt- [ Elegant logo design for jewelry business, minimalist icon using stylized jewelry piece, gradient colors –no photorealistic ]

An image displaying a minimalist logo design for a jewellery business, featuring gradient colors and created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI

Prompt- [Dynamic minimalist logo design for silver jewelry business, minimalist icon, –no photorealistic designs ]

An image showcasing a minimalist logo design for a jewellery business, created using Midjourney and Leonardo AI.

These were some logo designs created with Mijdourney and Leonardo, In some designs leonardo was better and in some designs midjourney is good, but you can try more variations by adding and removing details in prompts, regenerate variations untin you get desired outcome. Once you satisfied with final output, then you can refine it for final use.

Refine the logo

You can use any vector-based tool like Adobe illustrator, Corel draw to edit and refine your logo, or you can use this AI tool called Vectorizer, to turn your logo into vector format, You can also trasfer it into canva for final edits.


In this post I have shared the process of creating logo design using Midjourney and Leonardo Ai, using AI tools can help you boost your productivity and enhance your design process, you can leverage these tools to create unlimited design concepts, or any other images. If you are a designer then you must see these free AI tools for designers and do you use AI for your designs and business? Let us know what is your favourite AI tool.


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