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image showing a closeup shot of a man with beard and dashing look focusing on his eyes with fire and cinema feel created with midjourney v6 with text on it beginners guide to midjourney v6

Thousands of generative Ai tools have been released in the past few months, some most popular text to image Ai tools includes Midjourney Ai, Dall-e, Leonardo, Ideogram and many more. However, Midjourney stands out in the crowd in terms of quality, detailing and creativity.

Midjourney creates high detailed, stunning quality images with help of text prompts, recently Midjourney has released its 6th version that is Midjourney V6, Midjourney has evolved a lot in the journey of version 1 to version 6. In this beginners guide we will go thorough use cases of midjourney, perameters, commands, versions, models, writing prompts to create ai images, image creations and helpful free resources for your ai image generation. Let’s with what Midjourney Ai is?

What is Midjourney AI?

Midjourney Ai is a text to image generative Ai tool, that creates beautiful, eye-catching, creative and stunning visuals with the help of simple text prompts.

Its most popular and widely used Ai tool for image generation by artists, designers, marketing and advertising agencies, film cinematography, fashion, beauty, ecommerce businesses and many more businesses. It comes with many advanced unique features that makes Midjourney stand out. We will discuss each feature in this guide. 

Why use Midjourney as a business?

Using Midjourney benefits businesses in several ways, such as saving time and money. No more stress of waiting for ideas from teams, finding models or product photographers, or spending significant amounts on stock images. Midjourney provides professional images with a variety of options and styles at a very low investment within a few minutes.

Boosts brand engagement– Using AI-generated images can boost brand engagement due to the creativity and quality they offer. Midjourney generates attention-grabbing images that stops users while they’re scrolling.

How can small businesses use Midjourney for their business?

Small businesses can use ai tools like Midjourney AI in many ways from creating logos, marketing graphics, ad creatives, book covers, blog post images, social media creatives, marketing promotional materials by using beautiful images, boost marketing and make their brand look more professional with stunning visuals. Midjourney allows businesses to create storytelling images at a very minimal investment and time.

How freelancers can leverage Midjourney to make more money?

There are many ways to use ai tools to make money, Many businesses that cannot afford to hire models, or dont want to spend on stock image websites look for AI generated images because these are cost and money saving for them, AI generated images are attractive options for them. Freelancers, or someone who want to start freelanincing can provide AI generated images service to these businesses.

Sell AI generated images on stock image websites like Freepik, Wirestocks. You can read this article to know How to make money by selling AI images

Freelancers can use midjourney to get inspirations for their projects whether it is logo, branding, Ui/Ux design, website design, Interior design, Ai book cover designs or any other project, Midjourney provides you with a bunch of ideas based on your project. 

How to use Midjourney?

Currently you can access Midjourney from discord, you can join Midjourney discord server and then purchase your plan, it has 3 paid plans, after purchasing your plan you can start creating images.

  • Go to Discord
  • Create your discord account
  • Visit midjourney.com
signup dashboard for midjourney ai v6 to discord
  • Sign up > It will ask you join Midjourney Discord server
  • Click join- Midjourney on discord
  • Click on any newbie channel in discord
  • Message /subscribe to subscribe plan
midjourney ai v6 paid plans
  • Pick Midjourney Plan, Midjourney discontinued free access, You can pick any paid plan according to your needs.
  • To create images on your saperate server
  • Create your own server
  • Invite Midjourney bot to your server (it will create a separate area for your personal designs)
  • Start creating images.

How to create images with Midjourney

As we discussed above, Midjourney is a text to image ai tool that generates images based on the provided text prompt. Midjourney has released its 6th version recently that came with many improvements and cool features, each version has its own speciality and prompt style, To create images with V6, it require more simple and shorter prompts, it focuses on keywords you have used, no need to write complete bigger sentences to explain your idea.

Head over to your discord, open your server where you invited Midjourney bot.

Type “/imagine” in the box and start writing your text prompt ( Description for the image )

Midjourney considers each keyword as a token in prompts, while writing prompts in Midjourney you don’t need to write “ create an image, generate an image, draw me this etc ” You can directly start typing details about the image you need. Midjourney focuses on keywords rather than sentences.

The keyword on the left side or the starting of the prompts are more focused by Midjourney, you can try and test by replacing keywords from one place to another,

Basic prompt structure: [ /Imagine + description of the image ] 

Let’s create an image with basic prompt structure with minimal details.

colorful abstract ai generated book cover design with midjourney ai


“Colorful abstract book cover design”

I used very simple setance to create book cover design, now if you want more specific then you can add more details in prompt, such as style, theme, color scheme, composition, aspect ratio, etc. next you will see extra detailed, advanced prompt.

Advanced prompt structure: [ /Imagine + description of the image + subject details + parameters ]  or  [ /Imagine + link+ description of the image + subject details+  parameters ] 

Other than these you can make your prompts more detailed and advanced to get more specific results by adding more variables to it like- 

[ Style + Composition + Medium + Color palette +  Cameras, lens, aperture +Subject + Environment + Lighting + Atmosphere + Mood ] Not necessary for every image.

Some key commands and parameters of Midjourney.

Before getting started on advanced prompts, lets understand the perameters and commands in Mijdourney.


  • /imagine- To create images
  • /Setting– All Midjourney settings
  • /Blend- Blend multiple images and create new images with it.
  • /Describe– Upload any image, it will provide you 4 different prompts for the image by explaining the image and then you can create more images from that image in similar style.
discord server message box explaining describe command for midjourney 6
  • ⬅️ ➡️ ⬇️  ⬆️- Use these arrows to extend the image on the direction of the image,
  • 🔄- Use this button to re-roll or regenerate the images for same prompt.

Re generate with High variation mode

discord sever mijdourney  v6 interface, showing re roll or re generate command

Re generate with low variation mode

re roll in midjourney v6
  • Seed– seed is used to generate a similar image, or maintain consistency of the characters, styles of the images you have created previously, it is mostly beneficial for  Gaming assets, product mockups, book illustrations or any other project that requires consistency of characters. To get seed of any image click on the emoji button and find ✉️ envelope, send it to midjourney, it will send you Seed of the image, use that seed number at the end of your prompt to follow the previous image style.


  • Aspect ratio: [ Prompt + –ar value : value ] Default Midjourney value is 1:1 (Square format)
  • Version: [ Prompt + –V ] Midjourney version from 1 to 6 or Niji
  • image weight: [ Prompt + –iw ] When you use image as a reference, or create image to image then you can use image weight parameter, value defines how much you want Midjourney to follow the image details, High image weight value will generate results similar to the image, low value will focus more on text and less on image ]
  • Stylize: [ Prompt + –S Value in V6 0-3 ] High stylize value will use more creativity to generate image, Low value will more focus on prompt and use less creativity.
  • Chaos: [ Prompt + –C Values 0-100] High chaos value will generate very different images in grid, all 4 images in grids will have differences in composition, elements, placements etc. Low chaos value will  generate a little difference with keeping each other similar.
  • Weird: [ Prompt + –weird values 0-3000 ] High weird values generate unexpected and entirely different images, you can try low to high values to see different results. 
  • No: [ Prompt + –no + item ] This parameter will tell Midjourney to not add or include items in the image, For example You want an image of a packaging box design mockup without any text on it, then include “–no + Text” parameter at the end of your prompt.
  • Stop: [ Prompt + –stop + value 0-100 ] This parameter is used to stop image generation process at a given percentage and make the image blur, can be used to make smog, fog, ice, glass type of effect or a little blurry effect in image.
  • Style Reference: [ Prompt + –sref + link of the image] To copy the entire style of the image for creating new images in similar style. To use this parameter select the images you want to copy the style, click on the + icon, upload image to your Midjourney, click on the image, right click> copy image address, get back to prompt, and paste the link after –sref parameter.
style refrence command in midjourney v6

click on the image, right click> copy image address, get back to prompt, and paste the link after –sref parameter.

Midjourney v6 perameter command
Midjourney v6 Style refrence command

Using all parameters is not necessary for each image generation, you can use basic prompt structure to generate images at starting then explore different parameters.Write a prompt in the message box and hit enter.

Here you can see it created 4 images based on the text prompt, after that you can explore further from all 4 options.

V1, V2, V3 and V4, Here “V” is Variation. If you select any Variation, it will generate more variations for that image by changing elements, placement, composition of the image. You can control the variation value from /settings command from high to low.

variation command in midjourney v6

U1, U2, U3 and U4. Here “U” is Upscale, 1,2,3 and 4 are the images you want to upscale.

Upscale command in midjourney v6
  • Upscale (2x, 4x)– To make more high resolution output you can upscale it 4x by clicking the Upscale button below your image.

Once you get the desired outcome, you can click on “U” to upscale the image.After upscaling the image you will see more options under your image, 

midjourney tutorial zoom out command
  • Zoom out (2x, 4x)– If you need your image with more details or in zoomed out view then you can zoom out it up to 4x, and it also has a custom zoom option.
  • Vary Region- To edit a particular element or area from the image you can use the Vary Region option. 
  • Make square– Usually Midjourney generates a square 1:1 image  by default, but if you had generated in another ratio and now need it in square format then click on the “Make square” button to make it in 1:1 ratio.
  • Web– It will take you to Midjourney official artwork gallery, where you can explore other Ai artists and all your artworks at one place.

Let’s try creating some images with advanced prompts

Link + Prompt – Upload your image by clicking on + button, then right click on the image to copy image adress.

midjourney tutorial link plus prompt

Type /imagine Paste link + Prompt + Perameters

midjourney tutorial link plus prompt

Now we will add a little more details in the prompt and see the results.

 Label design for a carbonated tea-infused beverage. The design features a plain background with a minimalist icon representing an abstract pattern.


label design for a carbonated tea infused beverage, plain design , having a minimalist icon design that represents abstract pattern on it.

I added a little more details in this prompt such as material, design type, style, patterns. let make more detailed design.

a magical horse jumping passing throug the nebula hyper realistic ultra high detailed uhd magical 32


” a magical horse passing out through the nebula with lighting, neon, futuristic, bright light, eye catching colors, hyper realistic, ultra high detailed, uhd, magical, 32k –ar 4:5 –stylize 250 –v 6 “
American woman wearing headphones, look to the side, minimal black light half body ethereal serene charybdis heliocentric, solid background , abstract editorial album cover shot with nikon


“American woman wearing headphones, look to the side, minimal black light half body ethereal serene charybdis heliocentric, solid background , abstract editorial album cover shot with nikon Image –v 6.0 –ar 4:3 –s 750”

Here we can see more detailed results when we give more variables in the prompts, You can always explore and check what is working best for your images.

Black charcoal statue with futuristic VR goggals

Black charcoal statue wearing vr goggals midjourney v6

Woman with colorful paint

closeup shot of a woman with color on her face midjourney ai v6

Radient cluster

closeup shots of woman with enchanting playful colors splash on her face and body midjourney v6

Berry punk tomatoes

closeup shot of some fresh tomatoes floating in the water midjourney v6

Streetwear fashion

editorial fashion shoot of a man with beard wearing streetwears midjourney v6

Cricket poster asset

indian cricket players themed wallpaper midjourney v6

Soccer league

red theme soccer team players midjourney v6

How to use Style reference in Midjourney V6

Create Chibi, Ghibli or Anime with Midjourney

Midjourney allows you to create stunning anime using its Niji models it is collaborated with Spellbrush tuned to provide best quality Anime artworks, Niji models are specifically for anime, cartoon related style artworks, you can choose various styles in it  like chibi, ghibli, anime etc. The Niji model can be accessed via /setting and select the Niji version from the dropdown menu or add –Niji parameter at the end of your prompt.

How to design a logo using Midjourney?

Midjourney could be a great option to create logos for your business or for logo design inspirations for your projects, to create logo design you can specify your logo design style, colors, background or mention famous logo designers name to make in their style.

Try to make changes and modification in designs before using, or [always check copyrights for the designs before using for commercially or for your business] 

You can check this detailed guide about design logo design using Midjourney.

Midjourney ai Commands Cheat sheet


Final thoughts

Midjourney Ai is a great tool for artsists, designers, photographers, editors and businesses to make their visual game faster, take next level with outstanding, creative outputs generated by midjourney. Businesses can leverage Midjourney to make their brand look more professional with its exceptional quality images. Share your thoughts about Midjourney AI, Have you tried Midjourney or any other Ai tool for image generations?


What type of businesses hire Ai artists?

  • Ecommerce businesses – Product photos, Infographics, Social media designs, ad creatives
  • Fashion and Beauty businesses: Product photos, Model photograpgies, Promotional materials, Social media designs, ad creatives
  • Gaming companies- Gaming assets, Scenes, Character designs etc.
  • Marketing and advertising agencies- Marketing promitional materials, social media designs, posters, etc.
  • Film & cinematography companies- Scene design, character designs, Posters, Visuals.
  • Book authors- Book illustrations, Book covers, Book interior designs.
  • Real estate businesses- Poroperty photos, Exteriors and interior designs, Ad creatives.

What are some best Midjourney alternatives?

There are many text to image ai tools like Midjourney, most popular idjourney alternatives are Dall-e, LeonardoAi, Ideogram, Adobe firefly.


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