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an image of a child's face with blue eyes and Free and Powerful: 8 Best AI Tools to Upscale Images to 4K

Using low resolution or low quality, blurr, pixelated images may harm your business and sales, to showcase or print any design, product images, visuals or artworks, it is very important to use high quality images. Images with good resolution appear more detailed, clear and crisp on prints, and also perform well on online space. If you don’t have high resolution images for your products, designs then don’t worry,

Ai tools can help you with upscale images from low quality to high quality images. I will share some best free image upscaling Ai tools for upscale images to 4k quality for free.

9 Best Free Image Upscaling Ai Tools

AI Image Enlarger

an image of a child's face with blue eyes and Free and Powerful: 8 Best AI Tools to Upscale Images to 4K

Ai Image Enalrger is an advaced image upscaling ai tool, that helps you improve quality of any low resolution images with one click, it trasform a poor quality image into sharp, clear, high quality up to 2k, 4k and 8k resolution. Also, it enhance images by fixing lights, colors, noise in them. This tool offer many other image editing features such as cartoonising image, remove background, enahnce anime images, retouch images and many more. check out this ai tool here


an image of a person wearing a helmet and holding a camera before and after upscaling image quality with imgupscaler ai tool

Img upscaler is an online image upscaling ai tool that lets you transform low resolution, low quality, blurry, distorted images into high quality images. This allows you to upscale your images to 200%-400%, 4k quality from its original size. You can upload JPG, PNG, HEIC or any other image format to enhance image quality,  this tool is available for mobile or web both.

Imgupscaler has free and paid plans, in free plans you get free credits to enhance images up to 400%, and in paid plan you can upscale images in bulk. 


a screen shot of a ai tool web page Iloveimg showing different types of ai powered apps

Iloveimg is a free image editing ai tool that offers various editing features from resize, compress, crop, convert to any format, background removal, image enhancement, etc, You can use this tool to upscale your images, artworks, product images, portraits into high resolution for free. This tool runs on a freemium model, you can use all the tools for free with limitations and upgrade to use all the features.


two screens showing the same image, one with a white background and the other with a blue background screenshot of best free ai tools to enahance image quaity and upscale ai artworks

Image upscaler is an ai powered image enhancement, editing ai tool that helps you improve quality of ai images, artworks within a few seconds. This tool makes your images look more sharper, clearer and makes them highly detailed. You can upscale or enhance 10 images for free to check the quality of the images and upgrade it to premium for more.

It also offers other image editing features such as, removing objects from images, unblur the images, and Ai image generation. 

Clipdrop Image Upscaler

the image upscaler is displayed on the website

Clipdrop Is a generative ai tool with various ai features, its image upscaler allows you enhance image quality, automatically remove noise from image and make it more clear, You can upscale images up to 16 x with its paid plan and 10 images at once, in the free version you can upscale your images up to 2 x quality.

Ai nero 

An image of a person with flowers in their hair is displayed on a computer screen of website ai nero screenshot of best free ai tools to enahance image quaity and upscale ai artworks

If you are an AI artist who makes images on Dall-e, Midjourney, Leonardo, Stable diffusion or any other text to image ai tool then AI nero could be a great tool for your to upscale, and enhance quality of your Ai artworks, this tools allows you to refine, improve and upscale images to the next level with great quality output. This tool is best suitable to enhance AI artworks, ecommerce product images, portraits face enhancement, anime characters etc.

Freepik Upscaler

an image of a child's face with blue eyes and screenshot of best free ai tools to enahance image quaity and upscale ai artworks

I have tried many tools for image upscaling but freepik gives stunning image quality with advanced features, it allows you to refine, add details in the existing image with writing prompts, reimagine existing images, edit images at same time and download images in high resolution. You can also generate and sell ai images on Freepik to make a side income, It allows you to upscale or edit only 2 images for free and for more you can check their paid plans.

Canva Image upscaler

a screen shot of a computer screen with the 3d gold logo s on it

Canva is a graphic design tool, that helps you create stunning graphics, posters, and promotional materials for your business, canva has many ai in built apps that help users perform several task without browning different tools, it also lets you enhance and improve quality of your images with its Image upscaling ai feature.

Universal upscaler with Leonardo AI

Leonardo ai text to image ai tool to for image upscaling and ai art

Leonardo Ai is a text to image generative ai tool that lets you create ai powered artworks, images, graphics, motion and many more, leonardo has released its universal upscaler that lets you improve quality of ai artworks, images , photography etc, You can use this tool for free with its free credits, leonardo offers 150 credits each day to its users.


Ai powered upscaling tools have simplified the way to enhance videos & images from low quality to very high resolution, clear and crisp images within a few seconds. These tools can also save you time and money. Every business is getting online and they need high quality images to make their product look more professional, give these tools a try and enjoy high resolution images, if you want to learn about creating images using ai, whether you are a graphic designer who needs stunning visual for branding projects, or a small business owner who needs eye catching visuals for their promotional materials , product images then you can check beginners guide to Midjourney or Leonardo Ai cheat sheet, styles and free prompts.

FAQ: Best free ai tools for enhance images

How to upscale or enhance image quality in canva?

To use Canva image upscaler, visit canva website, open your design or image, look at left window, on the bottom left corner you will see magnifying glass icon, select image, click on the upscale and wait for a few seconds, it will generate upscaled version of your image.

How to improve image quality to 4k online?

There are many online Ai tools available to enhance and upscale blurr, low resolution images to 4k. You can use free Ai tools to upscale your images and artworks. Here are few free ai tools for image upscaling- Imgupscaler, Iloveimg, Leonardo Universal Upscaler, Freepik Upscaler, Canva Upscaler. By using these tools you will be able to improve image quality to 4k.

Benifits of using image upscaling ai tools?

Ai tools are designed to simplify the tasks, enhance productivity, save time and money, using image upscaling ai tools can save you time, money, these tools let’s you upscale any image, artwork, product photography, ai arts within a few seconds without having any technical skills.

an image of a child's face with blue eyes and Free and Powerful: 8 Best AI Tools to Upscale Images to 4K

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Free and Powerful: 9 Best AI Tools to Upscale Images to 4K