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a blog post cover image featuring ai genreated book cover designs using midjourney ai tool, with text on it Midjourney prompts for book covers

A good book cover can skyrocket sales of your books, pleople says “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but a book cover is first impression to a buyer, a well designed book cover can catch attention of buyer, but creating stunning covers for books that alighns with story is challanging, Here comes some powerful ai tools that not only brings your ideas to the reality but also provides high quality and creative designs with some text inputs. Midjourney Ai is the most popular Text to image Ai tool that transforms your thoughts into beautiful pictures, whether it is for your book cover design or marketing materials, If you want to learn about creating images with Midjourney AI then you can follow this Midjourney Ai beginners guide to create Ai images.

You can leverage AI tools to create stunning book cover designs and mockups that align with your book genre and story. Just type the texts you have in mind or some keywords from your book story and Midjourney will give you several options, you can keep trying until you get desired results. 

Here are some Midjourney prompts that I tried to create book cover designs and book mockups, you can use these prompts or take ideas from these to make your design.

How to write prompts in midjourney ai for book covers?

To achive best results, its very important to write better prompts, it is not important to write too long prompts to generate good images, a one liner prompt also can genereate stunning images, but there has to be well targeted keywords. here are ways to write better Midjourney prompts to get a good book cover design.

  • Explain your design in a easy way
  • Use keywords instead of long sentances
  • Keep it simple
  • Always put genere of the book
  • Use aspect ratio according to your design
  • Experiment with perameters

How to design book cover with midjourney and photoshop

Check out this easy tutorial how you can use Midjourney AI and Photoshop to create book cover design.

11 Midjourney prompts for book covers

Let’s explore Midjourney prompts for book cover design, you can use these prompts, edit and experiment with these promots to generate design

Minimalist enamel pin ebook cover

minimalist book cover image for an ebook, enamel pin business generated with Midjourney prompts for book covers

Prompt: minimalist book cover image for an ebook, enamel pin business –stylize 250 –v 5.2

I wanted a very simple book cover design for an ebook for enamel pin business, I did not write too much words for the design as it has to be simple and minimalist book cover, aspect ratio for this I kept defult.

sci-fi book cover design

a creative book cover design with midjourney ai featuring space exploration science fiction book

Prompt: book cover design, space exploration, science fiction, top view –stylize 250 –v 5.2

In this prompt you can see, I just used important keywords for the book, added gener of the book, It needs some edits but good to go for a cover design.

self development book cover

ai generated book cover design with midjourney featuring illustration of success personal growth and freedom

Prompt: book cover design, illustrated, education, success, personal growth, freedom, –stylize 250 –v 5.2

Another simple prompt, using keywords only, it does not cover all the aspects such as education , personal growth elements in it, but the illustration looks amazing.

Business growth book

ai generated book cover design with midjoureny for business growth

Prompt: book cover design, encapsulates the theme of business growth, sucess, ensure the design is creative, modern, uncluttered , reflects seriousness, ambition –stylize 250 –v 5.2

Mosaic pattern style

Ai generated book cover design of Illustration of a stunning woman with mosaic-patterned hair, symbolizing life's diverse pieces, against a black and golden background

Prompt- “frontal pose of a black woman in deep imagination, closes eyes, volumous hair in mosaic pattern style, flowing mosiac halirstyle, gold and black colors, a shiny diamond made of mosaic fragments in front of her, jade background, hyperrealisitic, UHD –ar 2:3”

Ai in future: Kids book cover

Ai generated book ocver design of Futuristic illustration showcasing advancements in artificial intelligence and technology

Prompt- “A whimsical illustration of a cute friendly robot with a vr gogals hanging in his arm, tablet beside it, flying drone, including trees, plants, animals in background, vibrant blue, yellow and green color palette, for childeren’s book age 10 to 14 years kids, sense of fun, wonder, imagination and educational. –ar 2:3 –stylize 250”

Fictional story book cover

lone figure standing before a dense forest, ai generated book cover image

Prompt: A lone figure standing before a dense forest, shrouded in mist. Curious mood with ancient trees.

Horror Book Cover

Ai generated Illustration depicting a ghostly figure holding an old photo in front of an antique mirror.

Prompt- “A creepy women holding an old photo in front of antique mirror, ghostly figures in background, scary environement, –chaos 20 –ar 4:5 –stylize 200”

Fantasy style book cover

ai generated dark fantasy book cover design

Prompt“dark fantasy book cover mockup design, capturing fantastical envrionment, focused on the character with creative elements on it, realistic 3d rendered, 8k”

Ai generated pink colors Illustration of a radiant female fairy with delicate wings, surrounded by ethereal light and mystical flora,

Prompt top view book cover mockup design, capturing fantasy theme, focused on the beautiful female fairy character, shades of pastel colors, with creative elements floating in background. –chaos 50 –stylize 1000

Swirly whimsical book cover

colorful whimsical swirly style book cover design featuring a girl with glasses and book in her hand with floral elements around her

Prompt: “Whimsical and swirly style Image of a short woman with glasses dreaming of her love with flower, a brain, shades of purple and turquoise color”

This cover designed using elements from the book story, and generated prompt using sentences and keywords from the book story. You can also try this method to pick keywords from the story and explain it in a easy way, You can futher explore more variations until you get satisfied with results.

Abstract cover

colorful abstract ai generated book cover design with midjourney ai

Prompt: Colorful, abstract, book cover design

If you dont have any keywords in mind, and dont know what should be the cover contains, You can simply pick few key words, theme of the book and try creating designs.

Underwater yoga- back cover design

a beautful lady underwater in yoga position ai generated book cover image from midjourney ai

Prompt-A beautiful young girl meditating or floating in blue light from a distance, science fiction. –ar 2:3 –stylize 50 –v 5.2

Code World- Tech theme book cover

Ai generated book cover image Illustration of a girl floating in a colorful world made of computer code, like in 'The Matrix', with bright colors and digital patterns

Prompt- “girl floating in a world made of computer code in the style of the matrix, in the style of vibrant illustrations, white and blue , studyplace, playful use of shapes. –chaos 50 –ar 4:5 –stylize 750”

Children’s Book Cover Design

ai generated Illustration of Ellie the Elephant, Lily, and Leo exploring the jungle together.

Prompt“eye catchy childrens book cover design, focused on the funny characters, two kids with a cute elephant in imaginative world, playful colors, hyeper realistic, 3d rendered, 32k”

Love Story Book Cover Design

Romantic couple embraced in dim lighting, capturing love in moody atmosphere book cover design using ai

Prompt“book cover design mockup for love story book, capturing the couple in romatic way, moody envirounment, dim ligting, eye catchy, hyper realistic, “

Fictional Book Cover Design

Illustration depicting a mysterious figure planning a heist under cover of night backside view ai generated

Prompt“illustration style book cover design mockup for fictional story book, capturing theif planning to heist, hyper realistic, best composition, 32k.”

ai powered book cover design using midjourney ai in which a backside of man in dramatic scene

Prompt“negative space style book cover design mockup for fictional story book, capturing theif running after heist, hyper realistic, best composition, 32k.”


book cover design

Keywords , styles and themes for book covers

You can use these keywords , styles, themes, environmets for creating book cover designs using text-to-image ai tools.


  • Minimalist
  • Vintage / retro
  • Illustration style
  • Abstract
  • Collage
  • Photorealistic
  • Surreal
  • Whimsical
  • Playful
  • 3d animated
  • Pixer, chibi
  • Hand-drawn, Doodle style
  • Magical


  • Romance
  • sci-fi
  • Mystry / Thriller
  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Self help, Non-fiction
  • Adventure
  • Tranquility
  • Children’s
  • Coloring page


  • Urban
  • Rural/countryside
  • Forest/woodland
  • Beaches
  • Coastlines
  • Mountains, hilly, rocks
  • Desert
  • Underwater, ocean, sea
  • Space, Outer space
4000+ Mijdourney , Leonardo prompts

Final thoughts

Hope these prompts were helpful for your to understand a basic about writing prompts to generate AI book cover designs, These prompts can be used for any other Text-to-image ai tools like Dall-e, Leonardo AI, Ideogram, but results may get differ accoding to AI model you are using. Try these prompts to generate ai book covers, edit and experiment with prompts, You might also like these midjourney prompts for enamel pins, or How to sell Ai images on freepik and make a passive income with your ai artworks.

Faq: Ai Generated book cover designs

Which ai tool is best for creating book covers?

ai generated book cover design with midjourney featuring illustration of success personal growth and freedom

There are so many text to image ai tools available on the internet, some of them are free and some of them are paid such as Midjourney, Dall-e, Leonardo , Ideogram and many more. You can use any ai tool to create book covers, but Midjourney is most popular ai tool to generate stunning book cover designs.

How do i set aspect ratio for book cover in midjourney?

You can use “–ar x:x” (x= number) in prompts parameters to set aspect ratio in midjourney ai, if you want aspect ratio which midjourney is not allowing, like 1600 pixels wide by 2400 pixels high that is 1:1.5, then you multiply it by 2, for example 1×2, 1.5×2 = 2:3.

Can i create book covers with ai tools?

a creative book cover design with midjourney ai featuring space exploration science fiction book

Ai tools can help you do 50-60% work for book cover design, its always good to do editing in ai generated book covers and artworks such as removing unwanted elements, adding texts, color correction etc.

Can i use ai generated book covers for amazon kDP?

fantasy style open book with magical elements

Yes, you can use ai generated book covers for your amazon kdp, when you submit the book cover it asks you whether cover is generated using Ai or not, always do some editings when you design cover from ai tools like midjourney, dall-e or any other tool


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