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futuristic fonts for designers

What are futuristic fonts?

Futuristic fonts are more advanced fonts that give a modern and futurist feel, these fonts contain clean, sharp, sleek, and geometrical lines that provide a great visual impact to the designs and grab viewers’ attention.

If you are working on a car, bike, technology, science, automotive, Ai, robotic or innovation design project that needs to stand out from the crowded visual environment plus want to add a sense of sophistication to your designs, then futuristic fonts/typefaces could great option for your design, you can use these fonts for designing logos, websites, posters, or other branding materials.

Where to use futuristic fonts?

Futuristic fonts can be used for various design projects to convey excitement, curiosity to their target cusrtomers, these fonts are best for showing sense of technological advancement, progress, innovation in designs.

Futuristic fonts are best for branding designs, logo design for businesses that wants to convey message of futurisitc, forward thinking, innovative approach, advancement of their business. These fonts enhances visiual impact of designs and products.

Marketing promotional materials, Packaging designs– Using futuristic fonts for marketing and promotional advertising materials and packaging designs can help businesses give unique look to their ad creatives, posters, banners, products stand out in crowd with its unique look, these are best for grabbing cutomers attentions to your designs.

Tips for using futuristic fonts in designs


  • While using futuristic fonts in designs make sure fonts are clean and easy to read, easy to differentiate in letters, specially for people with visual impairments.
  • Consider size, spacing, contrast of the fonts for different devices and prints, make sure font is clearly visible in smaller scale,
  • Pair fonts strategically with traditional fonts to maintain visual impact of design 
  • Experiment with different styles, weights that are suitable with design requirements
  • Consider brands vision, mission and requirements including target audience of the brand, make sure selected font aligns with brands message and tone.


  • Avoid using over decorated, cluttered, complex shaped, non readable fonts.
  • Avoid very smaller or compact fonts that are hard to read in small sizes, small screens, or from a distance.
  • Do not use too many futuristic fonts in single designs, always pair with clean fonts.
  • Do not stretch fonts, stretching fonts distorts composition, proportion of actual font and it impacts on visual of the design

List of futuristic font with download links

Here are a few futuristic fonts that will help you to add more sense of innovation, techno advancement, or a progressive feel to your designs.

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Futuristic fonts


sogtric futuristic font for designers

Sogtric is a clean, modern and versatile future inspired font that is perfect for technology, sci-fi, robotic AI, cyberpunk theme branding, headlines and displays.

Space Boards

artboard 1

Space Boards is a sans serif futuristic and modern font that comes with unique uppercase and lowercase. Space boards font is best suitable for high-technology, Ai powered designs, Science fiction logo designs and brandings. It is also best for Book covers, posters by mix matching lowercase and uppercase letters. Space boards supports multi languages.


artboard 9

Bodwars is a futuristic sans font that is best suitable for sci-fi, tech logos, movie posters and book cover designs. By mixing matching lowercase and uppercase you can give your design a unique look, this font supports multiple languages.

Space captain

space captain mock up 01

Space Captian is an all caps modern font with sharp edged and geometrical shapes. It is best suitable for designing captivating logo designs for construction, automotive, tech, Saas, robotic and AI theme logos.


zaptron font 01

Zaptron is a sci-fi font that comes with 100+ ligatures, to use ligatures you can change the font to uppercase form and explore the ligatures, It is best for modern designs for tech, construction, bold theme projects.

Power Torques Sports Font


Power Torque is a bold italic sports font with dynamic cutout corners, this font is best for racing, gaming, modern designs, trendy, theme design projects.



Siegra is a multilingual font with a cool combination of sport, automotive, tech and futuristic feel. It is a sharp, curvy and wide font that gives your design an energetic sense. You can use Siegra font for merch, stickers, logos, brandings, posters or book cover designs. It also contains stylish ligatures to make your design more unique and powerful.


cover fb

If you are looking for a futuristic font then Aeroblades can be the best pick for your project, it is a beautiful font suitable for logos, brand identity, headings, subheadings and poster designs.



Techwear is a retro-futuristic font, inspired from  80’s era designs. This font is best for sci-fi designs, logo designs, music projects, posters, gaming project designs.



Trinos is a geometrical sharp edged font with italic expanded slant, it gives a feel for futuristic and tech look. It is an uppercase font best for sports, tech, automotive, AI, robotics design projects, such as logo, branding, posters, decals, social media posts and many more. It also contains ligatures to add more unique touch to your designs.



Novan is a modern techno font with a smooth futuristic look. It is a multilingual font with beautiful ligatures that is best for logos, headlines, motion graphics, social media carousels.



Equinox is a minimalist, stylish font with multiple language support, it has unique ligatures to make your design more creative and give an eye-catching look. It is best suitable for stylish text overlay, headers, packaging, posters.

Cyber Synth

untitled 2

Cyber Synth is a bold wide futuristic font, it is inspired by cyberpunk aesthetic. It is a display font for Mac and Windows, available in OTF format that is compatible for all the devices.

Thunder One

cover thunder one font 1b

Thunder One is a classic modern simple font with sharp edges, it is best suitable for gaming logos, sports logos, brandings, poster designs, merchandise design and many more. It contains standard glyphs to make design more powerful.


preview image set 1

Bartomes is a minimalist futuristic font with a clean and classic look. It is best suitable for design projects for space, AI, robotics, sports, futuristic designs. You can use this font for headings, subheadings. The simple look of this fonts makes your designs stand out and gives a fresh look.

Explore Sci-Fi Font

font preview 1

Explore sci-fi font is a bold geometric font that gives a bold and strong feel to the design, it is best for the headlines, posters, social media carousel designs, packaging, magazines, book covers and many more.

Maginors Serif

artboard 1

Maginors is a beautiful serif font with unique design, it is a stylish font with beautiful stylish elements. This is best for any type of projects, You can mix match uppercase and lowercase letters to make your logo stand out.

Night Division Future Font

preview 01

Night division is a retro-futuristic sans serif font with bold, regular, bold rounded, regular versions. The font gives a retro 80’s and futuristic feel. It also contains special characters for various letters. It also contains special symbols and punctuations.

Rosacaq Sports Font

preview image set 1

Rosacaq is a beautiful sport font with a masculine feel, it comes with a wide and italic style that gives your design a unique and powerful look. The corners of this font has a dynamic slant with a modern cutout. Rosacaq font is best suitable for gaming logos, sports, automotive, sports logo and branding designs.


preview image set 1

Crused is a unique rounded and sharp corner font with a dynamic slope look. It is an easily readable font that is best for logos, monograms, headlines, and sport events posters.


preview image set 1

Cegrosaq is a dynamic slant font with a modern and high italic look. It gives sense of speed and power that can be used for gaming, racing, sports, automotive logo branding projects


preview image set 1

Criores is a wide italic sports font with modern and dynamic cutout. It is best suitable for sports related design projects such as car racing, motorbike sports or gaming logos and branding designs, posters.

Free futuristic techno fonts on canva

If you are looking to create futuristic and techno theme designs on canva then these free futurisitic fonts can be useful for you either you are creating carousel posts, posters or any other design project related to futuristic, ai and techno theme

list of free fututristic fonts for canva
  • Archtype
  • Mokoto
  • Technocrat
  • Wide
  • Magz
  • RQND Pro
  • Adriana
  • Herberos
  • Astron
  • Orion
  • Aurora
  • Reesha
  • Space Age
  • RQND Pro Condensed
  • Phoenix Square
  • AC Compacta
list of free fututristic fonts for canva


We have covered various font styles in this blog post that are useful to convey a powerful, innovative and unique feel to the design projects. Whether you are working on sci-fi, tech, ai, robotic, automotive, construction projects, these futuristic fonts will help you create eye-catching designs and make your design stand out wthether it is logo, branding, ai book cover designs, posters or websites.

Fonts such as Sogtric, Space Boards, Bodwars, Space Captain, Zaptron, Power Torques Sports Font, Siegra, Aeroblades, Techwear, Trinos, Novan, Equinox, Cyber Synth, Thunder One, Bartomes, Explore Sci-Fi Font, Maginors Serif, Night Division Future Font, Rosacaq Sports Font, Crused, Cegrosaq, and Criores each has their own unique style, unique quality thats is suitable for various design projects.

By using these futuristic fonts you can give your design a sense of futuristic advancement, clean and sophisticated look, You must also check out these beautiful free boho fonts for your design projects, and let us know which font is your favourite out of these and share any futuristic and tech oriented font that we did not cover in it.

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 50 Million+ Fonts & Design Assets

431866:categoryads fonts

All the Fonts you need and many other design elements, are available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!


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