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image showing pencil sketch or a building and a futuristic chair transforming into realistic render with prome ai sketch to image and render ai tool for interior designers and architects

Have you ever thought about turning sketch to image or photorealistic interior and architectural renders without having 3d softwares skill? Prome Ai can help you turn your architectural drawings into beautiful photorealistic 3d renders within a few seconds. In this post I will share how to create realistic 3d renders with sketches and drawings using Prome Ai.

What is Prome AI?

Prome Ai is an Ai art generator tool that helps artists, designers, and individuals create unique and eye-catching Ai images. It comes with very advanced features from creating ai images with text prompts to turning sketches into realistic renders. Let’s understand its features and how to use them to make interior rooms, offices, exteriors and other architectural designs.

Benefits of using Prome AI for business

  • Time and cost effective- Using Prome Ai can help you create images, artworks, renders within a few minutes with simple steps without spending too much money for photoshoots, 3d renderings, it does everything for you at a very affordable price.
  • Endless Possibilities- Creating images and renders gives you endless possibilities of experimenting with different styles, different perspective renders, materials etc. 
  • Easy to use- These tools are very easy to operate for everyone. You can use these tools without having any professional technical skills to create images and renders.

Prome Ai art generator tool

Infographic showing features of sketch to image ai tool prome ai

Sketch to render

This feature allows users to create detailed realistic artworks by uploading a drawing, or pencil sketch. It analyzes the sketch using advanced Ai technology and converts it into artwork in the chosen style. Whether it is for interior design, exterior design,landscape layouts, product ideas, gaming assets and characters, illustrations or any other artworks, make different variations of the same artwork in various styles. 

Image generation

This feature allows you to create high quality artworks, realistic photography, eye-catching product images, photorealistic interior design, arhcitecture exterior renders and many more. Prome Ai comes with different models and style presets, You can select any style and write text prompt for the image, and generate ai images based on your descriptions in chosen style.

For example- You need interior design images then write prompts for interior design, explaining details about area, lighting, furniture, theme, style etc and click generate. It will prcoduce renders based on the details you provided, and for more variations you can regenerate.

HD Upscaler

Hd image upscaler tool lets you enhance the quality of low resolution images that are generated with Prome AI or you can upload any image to upscale and refine the image quality from low resolution to high resolution. Plus, you can change the style of the image by writing prompt and using its upscaling tool, generating multiple rounds of upscaling to make it higher quality.

Erase and replace

Struggling to remove elements and objects from images? This tool will help you remove unwanted objects from any image, and recolor, retouch, replace it with any other elements without distorting the original image.


Need a bigger size of the image? Or expand the area of the image? Try outpainting tool to extend the size of any image and fill it with generative fill keeping same style, environment of original image

Image to video

Give still images a life with image to video feature, this tool allows you transform any image into animated motion video footage in different styles, dimension ratios. You can use these motion videos for your product ads, social media content, creating presentation backgrounds, etc. 

Text to video

With text to video tool, you can generate engaging animated motion videos with text prompts and descriptions. Explain the video details and click generate, it will provide you with high quality videos based on the text description.

Workflows and features in Prome Ai

  • Creative Fusion- Make fusion of different styles, blend different styles togenter and turn your sketch into beautiful fusion art works.
  • Image Variation- Create multiple variations of product images, in different styles, views and environments, perfect for ecommerce products, furniture designs, product rederings.
  • Photo to Sketch- Transform any image into detailed drawings and sketches.
  • Background Diffusion- With background diffusion you can remove background from any image and play with different backgrounds that give your products, images an eye-catching look, Best for ecommerce product mockups, architectural photography and renders.
  • AI Supermodel- Upload mannequins, or characters, add custom backgrounds and create realistic fashion models.
  • Text Effects- Text effect feature helps you transform boring 2d texts, logos into 3d rendered designs, from realstic shiny metals, to any other materials. It has more than 200 text styles that you can use for your logos , designs.
  • AI Headshot- Convert your photos into professional headshot images, for professional purposes, social media with various styles, background, scene.
  • Relight- Relight allows you djust lighting, brightness, colors, depth in the images with Ai.
  • Background Remover- Remove backgrounds from any images with Ai.
  • AI PNG Generator- Generate high quality PNG images with transparent backgrounds for your design projects.

How to use Prome AI?

We have discussed features and tools that come with Prome Ai, now let’s see how to use Prome AI to create AI artworks, images.

Create your account on Prome AIYou can register with your email or google account.

Screenshot interface of prome ai tool for sketch to image

Once you complete your account you will get free credits to create images.

On the left window, you will find all the features and tools, Select any model, style and start creating.

Screenshot interface of prome ai tool for sketch to image

Once your artwork is completed, upscale it and download it to your device.

If your credit limit is over you can upgrade it to its premium plan.


Creating complecated tasks like interior designs, product photography, gaming asset designs, landscape design renders, etc, became very easy with Artificial intelligence, Many Ai tools are available for various purposes for businesses, and individuals. In this post I shared about Prome Ai that helps users to convert drawings into realistic renders, whether it is for interior design, exterior design, architectural buildings, landscapes, gaming characters, product photography or fashion models, this tool helps you with endless possibilities, using Prome AI can save you time and money and boost your brandings, product photos etc. Give it a try and turn your ideas into amazing designs.

FAQ: Prome AI

Best AI tool for interior, exterior , archtectural designs?

Creating 3d interior design, architectural renders manually are very time taking, but with help of Prome Ai you can generate stunning interior designs of any space in a very easy way within few minutes. Prome Ai allows users to generate interior, architectural designs, landscape renders, users can upload sketches, drawings and turn them into realistic renders.

Which is best alternative to Prome AI?

Prome Ai is an Ai-powered design tool that comes with many advanced features like sketch to image, text to renders, video animations, background removal, style fusion etc, Best alternative to Prome AI is Stylar Ai ,it also provide similar features, for generatinge images, videos etc.

Is PromeAi free to use?

Prome Ai offers 10 free credits to its new users, to generate Ai artworks for free, it has 3 different paid plans.

Can I convert my sketch into ai images?

Converting sketches or drawing are possible with Ai tools, You can use Prome Ai, Stylar Ai like tools to transform any drawings into beautiful Ai artworks.

image showing pencil sketch or a building and a futuristic chair transforming into realistic render with prome ai sketch to image and render ai tool for interior designers and architects

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What is Prome Ai: Convert sketch to image and interior renders