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In today’s digital age consumption of video content is increasing rapidly, people spend their spare time scrolling video contents on social media, watching different types of contents in video format. Businesses, creators, podcasters are leveraging video content to get connected with their audience, sell products, and create awareness about brands. But creating high quality content, videos for various platforms in different aspect ratios could be a challenging and time taking process, also costly for new creators.

Here comes Ai tools for video editing, these tools automates the video creation process and produce high quality content in a very quick turnaround. In this post I will share the best Ai tools for video editing that can help you create video contents whether it is for your youtube, tiktok, instagram or ecommerce marketing ad videos. These tools maximise the speed of work, enhance quality and save you time. 

What are video editing Ai tools?

Video editing ai tools help users edit videos using advanced ai technology that automate most of the editing process, create short form content from longer videos, add captions, adjust the color balance, add creative visuals, sound effects, background musics, etc. these tools are created to simplify the video editing process. People who are not comfortable with showing face then Ai video editing tool could help them create faceless videos, it uses the best suitable visuals in the video, sounds, voiceover, generates scripts based on video topics. 

Benefits of using Ai video editors?

Save time

AI video editing tools create videos within a few minutes with the help of simple text prompts, or a few clicks, each tool has their own unique features, some works with text prompts, some works with video to video. On the other hand if you edit a normal video it takes at least 2-3 hr for a simple video.


If a beginner or someone starting up a business, content creation, you have to hire people for script writing, voice overs, video editors, these could be costly for a new creators, using video editing Ai tools can reduce these expenses. 

Advanced features

No need to browse multiple websites for video editing assets like finding best images, footages, sound effects, background music, captions etc. AI tools do these all at one place. Additionally, ai video editor creates engaging videos, visually appealing, and adjusts the music, voiceovers with advanced ai technology.

User friendly

Ai tools for video editing are user friendly for everyone, these are designed in a way that a person without any editing skills can use it easily.

Analyse content

Ai video editors analyse longer videos and transform the best part of videos into short videos that can be used for social media like instagram, tiktok, facebook, linkedin, pinterest etc.

Best Ai tools for video editing

Below you will see different types of Ai tools for animating video, editing such as- text to video Ai tools,  Content repurpose Ai tool, image to video, image to motion etc.

Video Editing

1 Videotok

Credits- Videotok

Videotok is a new AI tool for video editing for the creators who publish on multiple platforms like Youtube, tiktok, instagram. It helps you create short form and long form videos within a quick turnaround. This Ai tool is getting popularity because of its advanced features like 

  • Sizes- Create videos in different aspect ratios.
  • Ai Script- Generate engaging & viral scripts for the videos.
  • Ai Voiceover- It creates Ai voice over for the videos.
  • Ai effects- Auto zoom and transitions effects
  • Ai images- Generates creative & eye catching images based on the video topic.
  • Captions- Add captions in the video with customized font colors and font styles.
  • BGM- Add suitable background music, sound effects to keep users engaged.
  • Easy user interface that helps non techy or people without any video editing knowledge to edit their videos.
  • Download high resolution videos, and publish them on online platforms.

Plans– Paid

2 Capcut

Capcut is a widely popular editing tool because of its easy interface and user-friendly editing features. It got popularity for creative and innovative effects, templates for short videos for tik tok and instagram reels. It can be accessed with Android, IOS as well as on desktop.

  • Text to video generator that allows you create videos with text prompts,
  • Enhances the video with engaging visuals, and removes pauses, unwanted parts of the video. 
  • Eye catchy effects 
  • Captions- It generates customizable text overlays and instant captions automatically
  • Premade templates- CapCut offers many pre-made video templates that can be customised according to requirements.
  • Library of GIF’s and Images- Library of interactive gif’s and images to make your video more engaging.
  • Color balance- CapCut Ai automatically adjusts the colors, lights in the video and enhances the overall quality of final output.
  • Enhanced audio- Detects and removes unwanted background noise with help of AI

Plans– Freemium

3 Wondershare filmora

Filmora is a video editing software which allows you to edit videos though your desktop, it is best for large size videos, podcasts, movies editing. It has libraries of transitions, BGM, effects, overlays, fonts, icons, etc. Recently filmora integrated AI with this software that offers many advanced features that helps you create videos more efficiently.

Smart suggestions- with its Ai copilot filmora gives best suggestions and guide you for editing your videos.

  • Text based editing- it converts your videos into text format and you can edit it like a document. 
  • Thumbnail- Create high converting thumbnails from video frames add texts, emojis, icons and graphical elements directly in the editing panel.
  • Text to video- transform your thoughts and ideas into engaging video.
  • Noise cancellation- Removes unnecessary noise from audios.
  • Remove background- Remove backgrounds from video easily and replace it with custom backgrounds, solid colors, gradients.
  • Ai music generator- generate custom music for video backgrounds, sound effects with text prompts.

PlansCheck out feautres


Repurpose content with AI

4 Repurpose Io

screenshot of repurpose ai video editing tool

RepuposeIo is a revolutionary video editing ai tool that transforms longer videos into short form content for tiktok, youtube shorts, instagram, snapchat etc.

It analyses the complete video and trims the most engaging part of the video, or hook videos that have a high possibility of getting viral. This ai tool is best suitable for the creators who make long videos, podcasters who also want to make their presence across other social media platforms through short form content.

  • Automate content sharing across all the platform
  • Repupose content directly from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox.
  • Post scheduling and publishing across all the social media platforms.
  • Download tik tok videos without watermark and publish to other platforms
  • Make 20 short clips from long streams, podcasts, add subtitles and captions, adjust sizes according to platform and publish them automatically. 

PlansGet 15 day free trial, 

Text to video Ai avatar explainers

5 Heygen 

screenshot of ai tools for video editing text to avatar video

Heygen is an AI powered text to video AI tool that offers pre-made realistic looking characters. It allows users to create professional spokesperson explainer videos with help of text prompts. It lets you create Ai avatar videos on your mobile phone and on your desktop in very simple steps.

  • Accessibility- Easy and user friendly interface to create videos.
  • Characters- Offers multiple premade realistic looking models.
  • Personalised characters- Create or upload your own personalised character
  • AI voiceover- write script or upload script to generate human-like voiceovers.
  • Captions and subtitles- Add subtitles and captions on your videos with custom font styles..
  • Template- Provides premade templates to use for your videos or create your own video from scratch.

PlansGet free trial

6 Veed Io

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Veed Io is another popular ai video editor, it helps you generate amazing videos with text prompts, Veed io has pro quality editing features that lets you create engaging, professional and high quality videos. Easily trim videos, crop and add subtitles in different languages. You don’t need any pro level skills to edit videos with Veed Io, You can create stunning videos without having any video editing skills.

  • AI Avatars- create talking AI avatar, explainer, educational, marketing videos with realistic avatars.
  • Remove background- Remove unnecessary background from videos, add professional backgrounds.
  • Text to video- Write a prompt to create a video description and turn that into Ai avatar video using different characters.
  • Eye contact- Use AI Eye Contact feature to avoid retakes, it adjusts your eyes automatically towards the camera.
  • Clone voice- Feed your voice sample and it will clone your voice for future videos.
  • Remove background noise- Get rid of unwanted background noises, and make crisp and clear voices in videos.
  • Translate audio- Reach a global audience by translating your videos into different languages.
  • Screen record- Record your computer screen for tutorials, course creation, project explanation and share  with your students, team mates.


7 Fliki ai

screenshot of fliki ai tools for video editing, text to video animation

Fliki ai is a text to video ai tool that helps you generate ideas for the videos, create a script for it and transform it into an engaging video. You can either generate a script by describing your video topic or you can upload your own script to make videos. Additionally it also has Ai audio generator, text to image and text to presentation generator features.

  • Blog to video- If you are a blogger then you can paste a link to your article and it will create videos from the blog post. 
  • PPT to video- Upload presentation file to Fliki, it will analyse the content from your presentation file and will create engaging video that you can share with everyone.
  • Twitter to video- transform your tweets into bit size videos.
  • Product video- Fliki supports amazon and airbnb, you can paste links of any amazon product link, or airbnb property link, it will generate commercial ad video for your products.
  • You can upload these videos on your youtube, social media to reach a wider audience and gain traffic to your blog. 

Plans– Freemium Get free trial

Animate images

8 Viggle AI

viggle ai video editing tool to create animation screenshot

Viggle ai is an innovative ai tool for videos, it transforms any character’s image into interesting animated motion video with keeping consistency in characters. You can also write text prompts to generate animated videos. 

  • Image to animated motion video- Upload image of a character and animate it.
  • Image+text to motion video- Upload image, write details about the video you need and create animated video based on the text prompt.
  • Text to animation motion video- create a character and complete the video with just writing a description about the video.

Plans– Free

9 Leonardo Ai Motion

Leonardo ai text to image ai tool to make logos

Leonardo Ai is a text to image Ai tool that helps you create beautiful realistic images with text prompts, Leonardo also allows you to animate or make motion video from the generated images or uploaded images. You can use Leonardo motion video on mobile phone and desktop for free. It gives 150 credits everyday to their users, for more advanced features and credits you can purchase its pro plan.

Plans-Freemium Get access

Final Thoughts

In this article we have shared different ai tools for video editing, animating and motion videos. Ai tools are making video creation very easy and accessible for everyone, they offer various benefits, including saving time, money, and being user friendly. Whether you are a content creator, business owner, video editor or a motion designer these tools can help you create professional, engaging and high quality videos in a very easy way. With these Ai tools you can enhance your productivity, maximise your work process and save time and money as  well as stay competitive in the market. Let us know which ai tools you use for your business?

a latin man closeup shot with tattoo on face and text overlay ai tools for video editing

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