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Animate images with ai: 8 Best Ai tools for text, image to videos

Transforming text & image to videos or motion animation became very easy with AI tools and advanced technologies. Many businesses, creators, influencers are using Ai animated motion videos for their social media video content, You can also transform any images into engaging  videos with very simple steps. In this post I am about to share how you can turn your images, text prompts into creative animation and best free Ai tools to make videos from images and text.

What are text to video, image to video AI tools?

Text to image or text to video tools are designed to make video creation process faster and simple for everyone, these tools use advanced ai technology to transform any image into a motion video, and any text to video. 

Why use text to video, image to video ai tools?

Video and animated content are highly engaging, interactive, and catchy, videos created with these AI tools have power to stop people scrolling, and have high chances of getting viral. Many businesses are using motion videos for their social media marketing, brand promotion, marketing materials. On e-commerce platforms, products with videos are more likely to sell than boring images. Many Youtubers, Instagram influencers are using videos created with AI and making millions through their channels.  

Best AI tools to convert images, text to videos for free.

Below are the best AI tools that help you transform your thoughts, images into engaging videos within a few seconds.

infographic showing Best Ai tools for text, image to videos

1- Lumalabs ai- dream machine

Lumalabs is a text to video, image to video ai tool that lets you transform your thoughts into beautiful videos with realistic characters, animated characters based on your text prompt.

It also has an image to video feature that allows you convert multiple images into timelapse animated fusion video with creative effects. Once you are satisfied with the results you can download videos without a watermark.

2- Krea AI

Krea Ai is basically a design ai tool that has features to create real time ai images, logo fusion with any scene, Ai patterns, Image enhancement, video creation.

With Krea Ai you will be able to generate realistic and high quality videos using text prompts and multiple images. Using advanced AI technology Krea AI converts your thoughts, texts and images into fusion animation videos.

3- Prome AI

Prome Ai is a design Ai tool, it comes with different design features, it transforms any sketch into images and videos, whether it is interior design, architectural images, product images, landscapes or any other sketch. After generating images with sketches, you can transform these images into motion depth videos. This tool can help interior designers, architects, graphic designers to create stunning portfolios, and e-commerce businesses owners to showcase their products. 

4- Leonardo AI

AI video of video game asset rotating in 3D

Leonardo AI is a generative text to image ai tool, that has many ai features from image generation, image upscaler, real time ai art, motion videos. 

Leonardo is best for creating stunning visuals, gaming assets and transforming them into depth motion videos for free. You can download high quality videos without watermarks.

5- Runway ML

RunwayML is a popular text to video ai tool that allows its user to create realistic videos with text prompts, image to videos in different styles. You can control motion, style, of the animation in runway ml and download videos in high quality. Runway ML is best for creative ad videos, movies, short films, presentations, ecommerce product videos etc.

6- Domo ai

Domo AI is a video to video, image to video creating ai tool, it allows users to generate animated, anime style videos with text prompts, or users can upload any video and convert it into a beautiful anime cartoon style video. These videos are highly engaging, small businesses, creators can utilize this ai tool to transform their videos into animated videos.

7- ImmersityAi

Immersity AI is an image to animation AI tool, it transforms 2d images into 3d depth animation videos, 2d image to video and 2d image to 3d image. It is best for transforming boring 2d photos into beautiful motion videos, 3d animated videos and to use for social media, advertisements, etc.

8- Google veo

Google veo is an ai video generation model that allows users to create high definition videos with text prompts, it allows you create longer videos than 1 minute in different visual styles. Best for creating commercials, video content, short films etc. It understands prompt in depth and has more control on prompt details and visual styles. Users can add and remove elements from created videos by writing prompts.

9-  Viggle 

Viggle ai is a creative video creation ai tool that lets you animate any character with text prompt, or create character with text prompt and animate it in any style you want to move it. Viggle is available on apple app store, and web version. 

How to make money with text to video Ai tools?

Using Ai tools for personal use and for fun is great but have you thought to make money with these ai tools? No worries, here are some ways you can make money with Ai tools.


Freelancing is a great way to make money sitting at home, or work without any boundations, Many freelancers earn a good amount of money by selling Ai powered services on freelancing platforms. Choose a niche and learn Ai tools related to that particular niche, create an account on freelancing platforms like Upwork or fiverr, start selling AI services on these platforms. Utilize social media to showcase your skills and attach your freelancing platform links with help of Link in bio tools

Content creation

Create content on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, content creators earns a very good amount of money with different ways, once you get good amount of followers on your social media you can collaborate with brands, promote their products, get brand deals, or suggest AI tools earn affiliate income from these tools.

Faceless Youtube channel

Ai generated videos are very popular on youtube, you can start creating ai videos and start a faceless youtube channel or ai influencer, choose a specific niche, upload videos regularly, monetize your channel and earn money with adsense, affiliates and brand deals. 


Ai powered tools are changing the way of video creation, content creation, filmmaking, design and many more. Using correct AI tools can make you stand out in a crowd, enhance your productivity, and boost your performance. In this post you have learned about best AI tools to create animation and videos with text prompts and images. These tools can help create stunning videos whether you are a small business owner, content creator, filmmaker, or a freelancer. Try these tools and maximise your income. Let us know what your favourite ai tool is.


Can I generate video from text?

Yes, creating videos from text is possible with Ai tools, You can create videos by writing simple text prompts, here are some best ai tools to create videos with text, RunwayML, Dream Machine, KreaAI, Fliki, Heygen with these tools you will be able to create videos in different styles, each tool has its own feature and style.

Which tool converts text to video?

There are many Ai tools available to convert text to video, some popular text to video AI tools are Krea AI, RunwayML, Krea AI, Dream Machine, Heygen, Fliki, Viggle AI, Immersity AI.

Which AI tool converts images to animation?

To animate any image you can use these AI tools, Krea AI lets you create fusion animation videos from multiple images. Immersity Ai allows you to transform a 2d image into a 3d motion image, Leonardo Ai allows you to generate Ai images and convert them into motion video.

Which AI tool creates cute animated videos?

Domo AI allows you to convert any video or text into cute animated videos in different styles, you can use domo ai on discord server.

Animate images with ai: 8 Best Ai tools for text, image to videos

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Animate images with ai: 8 Best Ai tools for text, image to videos