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this image shows How to Use Leonardo AI’s Universal Upscaler

Leonardo AI released a new feature called Universal Upscaler, earlier Leonardo AI had Alchemy refiner and other upscaling features that are used to enhance images generated with Leonardo AI, With this new universal upscaler you can upscale AI generated images in Leonardo or upload any image to the Leonardo app or website and enhance its quality in very high quality. It seems a very powerful upscale, that improves the quality of the images, it also allows you to adjust the settings of image upscaling, and you can customize how your image should be upscaled.

Leonardo AI’s Universal Upscaler

Benefits of using Leonardo AI Universal Upscaler

  • Improve image quality– Get rid of low-resolution, bad-quality images. Upscale any image into high resolution and crisp quality.
  • Control upscaling– with its customization settings, control the upscaling setting, and adjust settings for how your image should be upscaled.
  • Enhance your designs– Incorporate professional-looking, high-quality images in your websites, branding, presentation, or any design project.
  • Easy interface-Transform ordinary images into professional images, with its user-friendly interface.

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How to use Leonardo AI’s Universal Upscaler

  • Visit Leonardo AI
  • Create your account
  • Visit the main page, and click on Universal Upscaler on the left window
Leonardo AI’s Universal Upscaler

Choose an image– You can choose your previous AI-generated images from Leonardo AI or can upload images from your gallery by clicking on the “Add image section”

Leonardo AI’s Universal Upscaler upload image

Adjust settings– Make adjustments in the image upscaling type using sliders. if you want to add any specific details in image, then you can guide upscaler by writing prompt in setting section, otherwise you can keep it empty.

Leonardo AI’s Universal Upscaler adjust settings

Upscale your image- click on Upscale it will take few seconds to upscale your image.

Leonardo AI’s Universal Upscaler upscale image

Download– Once its upscaled it will show in generation tab, you can save your images to your device.

Leonardo AI’s Universal Upscaler download image

Using these simple steps you will be able to upscale any low resolution images into high quality images to use for your design projects, presentations, websites or any other professional projects.

Universal upscaler settings

  • Creativity strength- It adjusts the creativity and randomness of the details while upscaling the images.
  • Upscale style- it helps you decide the style of image upscaling.
  • Upscale Multipliers – It lets you adjust the size of the image.
  • Prompt- By writing the prompt you can guide the upscale tool, it is an optional setting, and you can leave it empty.

You can uplaod JPEG, PNG and WEBP format images to upscale, and download JPEG version of final upscaled image.

Upscaled images will be found in image generation tab, and each upscaling round costs you 30 credits, it is available for free and paid both users.

Upscaled images will be saved in Leonardo’s servers, you can delete them from its server.

Final thoughts-

Leonardo Ai is a great AI image AI-generating platform with awesome features, You can create stunning images with Leonardo AI, and upscale them to higher quality with features like Alchemy upscaler, recently Leonardo has released its new image upscaling feature called Universal upscaling that allows users to enhance low-quality images into very high-quality images, with customized settings. Upload your low-resolution images to its app or website and transform them into professional quality images, if you are looking for more useful tools like this then you must check these best free AI tools for graphic designers, in this we have shared best AI tools that can help you with your design projects and business.


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