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a pink phoenix with open wings with text overlay How to use the Phoenix in Leonardo Ai

Leonardo AI released its new model Phoenix with lots of advanced features that help you create more creative, realistic images, it can create text-based designs which were earlier available in only very few text-to-image AI tools, like Ideogram, or Dall-e.

In previous presets and models, it was challenging to get perfect text in the images, and had many limitations, with Phoenix, you can create text designs, better prompting, etc, Let’s understand the features of Phoenix preset and how to use it for image generation, if you are new to leonardo then you can check this Leonardo AI cheat sheet.

Features of Phoenix preset in Leonardo AI

Text-based designs

a handsome man holding a signboard in a street with crowd in background

With Phoenix users can create text-based designs like posters, logos, banners, AI book covers etc, it works very well with longer texts like subheadings, and paragraphs as well as with bigger texts for headings, it also can create specific text style designs based on your design and theme of the project.

Advanced Prompting

Are you facing a problem with writing prompts that generate a perfect image? No problem, now Phoenix will help you refine your prompt automatically and provide you with a more detailed and specific prompt based on your text description to create images. It also follows details in the prompt carefully and creates each element mentioned in the prompt.

Edit current generations by changing the prompts for the same artwork, and edit your design by adding and removing details in the prompt. Regenerate variation of the same generation by editing the current prompt. Currently, it is only available for the Image Gen v2 interface.

How to use the Phoenix in Leonardo Ai?

  • Visit Leonardo AI
  • Navigate to image generation
  • Click on the model on the left window
  • Select Phoenix preset 
screenshot of the Phoenix in Leonardo Ai
  • Write your prompt, (refine the prompt by clicking on the refine button near the “Generate” button. The Prompt must be less than 200 characters only
  • Check the refined prompt, edit it according to your needs, and start creating.

Design graphics and logos with Phoenix preset

I have tried few graphic designs with phoenix preset that produced pretty good results, these still needs some refining that can be done with photoshop or canva, I also tried prompt refining to enhance quality of the images. Let’s check out the generations with basic prompts and refined prompts.

Poster design with phoenix preset

Prompt – 

A poster for an e-commerce brand selling high-end headphones, targeting Gen Z and Millennials. The theme is “Elevate Your Sound.” Central focuses on sleek, modern high-end headphones. Diverse, stylish young individuals (from the USA, UK, and India).

Refined by Leonardo Ai –

A strikingly stylish ad for a premium e-commerce brand showcasing cutting-edge headphones aimed at Gen Z and Millennials. The poster features a central spotlight on sleek, modern high-end headphones against a backdrop of vibrant, futuristic colors. The image is a digitally enhanced photograph that exudes sophistication and innovation. The headphones gleam with a glossy finish, boasting crisp sound quality and advanced technology. This visually captivating portrayal effortlessly conveys the message of “Elevate Your Sound” to the target audience, enticing them with the promise of superior audio experiences. 
striking stylish headfone poster design with leonardo ai phoenix

Product image

Prompt – 

A futuristic drone with a metal body and glass, neon lights, flying in a city with big skyscrapers and buildings.

Refined by Leonardo Ai – 

A futuristic drone, crafted from metallic silver and glass, suspended in mid-air amidst a densely populated, neon-lit metropolis at dusk, with towering skyscrapers and sleek monorails zipping by, emitting a soft hum; its sleek, aerodynamic design reflects the vibrant hues of the urban landscape, as the drone’s LED lights pulsate in shades of electric blue and crimson, exuding a sense of high-tech sophistication and surveillance, against a backdrop of deep oranges and smoky purples, with atmospheric fog wafting through the scene.
futuristic drone flying in a city with skyscrappers and buildings neo lights

Logo designs using Leonardo Ai

Prompt – 

Dynamic mascot logo for the gaming brand featuring the front face of a lion in vector style with glowing eyes,  red neon trim, with the sharp and catchy text ” Leo Gaming”. maintain the composition of the logo. 
gaming logo of a lion mascot design of with phoenix leonardo ai

Refined by Leonardo Ai –

Create a dynamic mascot logo for the gaming brand “Leo Gaming” featuring the front face of a lion in vector style with glowing, bright blue eyes. The lion’s face should be surrounded by a red neon trim with a gradient effect that shifts from deep crimson to vibrant scarlet. The text “Leo Gaming” should be sharp, catchy, and situated next to the lion’s face. Set the logo against a sleek black background to make the neon elements pop. Add a neon light effect to the borders, with gradient colors throughout the logo to give it an edgy, futuristic vibe. Make it eye-catching and attention-grabbing!
gaming logo of a lion mascot logo design with phoenix leonardo ai

Prompt – 

Create a 3d chrome metal effect logo mockup design featuring the letter “D” and the Business name “DHIZIGN”, a realistic gold color with a dark background, smooth-edged, smooth bevel, subtle reflections, and shadows in the background. 
3d chrome metal effect logo design of a letter d with phoenix leonardo ai

Prompt – 

Vector-style logo design for a food delivery business, named ” FOOD MANIA” with playful font, featuring a cartoon version of a food delivery boy,  shades of orange, well-composed design. 
vector logo design using phoenix leonardo ai for food delivery business

ad creatives and Post designs

Prompt – 

Minimalist social media ad design for a mocktail business, with a dramatic photograph of cocktail with smoke in the dark background,  Text – “30 % off on all drinks” “Limited offer”, ” enjoy your weekend with us” with call to action button that says “BOOK NOW” 
minimalist social media ad creative design for a mocktail brand with leonardo ai phoenix preset


a science fiction poster design, showing an epic representation of an alien planet with glowing flora and fauna, a view of another world, a neon glowing spaceship, and a distant galaxy in the sky, with bold title text “Beyond Terra” and subtitle “Explore the Unknown” tagline “Journey to the Edge of the Universe”. mysterious elements, floating rocks, subtle dust, and colors- deep purples, blues, and greens.
Science fiction neon poster design with spaceship and galaxy

Prompt – 

a young digital marketer professional sitting in his office, in confused state while looking at screen, with a text bubble saying ” I am tired of it” dramatic environment, cartoon illustration style.
a young digital marketer cartoon illustration with text bubble i am tired


A bespectacled digital marketer professional, situated in a cluttered office with worn-out furniture, surrounded by scattered papers and abandoned coffee cups, sits in a befuddled state, staring intensely at a computer screen, as a text bubble emerging from his head proclaims “I am tired of it” in bold, curly fonts. The atmosphere is heavy with frustration, accentuated by vibrant hues of deep blues and bright oranges, creating a cinematic effect. The illustration is rendered in a cartoonish style, exaggerated facial features and expressions amplifying the comedic tone, with fine lines and textured details adding a touch of whimsy.

Negative prompt- 

extra limbs, blurr, bad quality, extra fingers, distorted, bad composition, 
a confused digital marketer cartoon illustration with text bubble i am tired

Comics, blog images, thumbnails


A vibrant oil painting of a curious young boy, medium lit by warm afternoon sun, holding a worn wooden sign board in his hand with bold, red cursive text “What is phoenix in Leonardo AI?” standing out against a kaleidoscope of pedestrians rushing past in a bustling street, rich with architectural details, amidst an atmospheric fusion of blue-gray concrete, ochre-tinted buildings, and verdant tree leaves, infused with a sense of dynamic curiosity and cinematic intensity.
a vibrant oil painting of a boy holding a signboard with text "What is phoenix in leonardo ai" in a street with crowd in background

Final thoughts

In this article I have shared how to use Phoenix in Leonardo ai, how to create images with it. Try phoenix to create text based designs and prompt refining feature for more creative results, keep exploring other styles and presets. You can use these designs for your business promotional materials, provide freelancing services to make money with ai. If you want to create logos with ai then you must check out these prompts design logos with Midjourney and Leonardo ai. Hope you like this article, please share this with your freinds or on your social media it will help us to create more content related to these, and put your comments if you have any confusion or questions, at last, Need any help? Feel free to message me through contact us page.

FAQ : Phoenix in Leonardo AI

Can I create logo design in leonardo ai?

Leonardo Ai lets you create realistic and high quality images with perfect tet designs using its Phoenix preset, You can create logos, and other text based designs using Phoenix preset.

How to create text based designs with Ai?

Creating text based design with AI is bit challagning but with help of few AI tools you can create perfect text based designs, Leonardo ai and Ideogram can help you create designs that has lots of texts information. You can use phoenix preset in leonardo for text images.

Best alternative to Ideogram ai

Ideogram is a freemium text to image ai tool that creates beautiful images with help of text prompts, it get popularity with its text based designs, Leonardo AI could be a best alternative to Ideogram, because Leonardo has many more features than ideogram, it also generates images that has text details. To create text based designs you can use its new preset called phoenix.

a pink phoenix with open wings with text overlay How to use the Phoenix in Leonardo Ai

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Leonardo Ai phoenix: How to design logos & graphics with it?