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9 Free boho color pelletes for graphic design

Are you looking for bohemian color palettes that take your design to the next level? Check out these beautiful boho color palettes that resonate with free spiritedness.

Boho designs have a deep connection with nature, a bohemian theme used to create visually appealing and culturally diverse experiences. Bohemian style in graphic designs used to represent emotions and tell stories.

Free boho color pellete for graphic design

free boho color palette with differenct colors

1. earthy boho color pellete

boho color palette earthy tones
  • #D9B99B (Warm Sand)
  • #BFA794 (Dusty Taupe)
  • #6D8875 (Sage Green)
  • #B3707C (Muted Rose)
  • #5E454B (Earthy Plum)

2. Vibrant boho color pelette

boho color palette vibrant tones
  • #FF9F68 (Terracotta)
  • #F4E1D2 (Peachy Beige)
  • #FFD15C (Mustard Yellow)
  • #70C1B3 (Teal Green)
  • #D08C60 (Burnt Sienna)

3. Muted Boho color Palette

boho color palette muted tones
  • #BAA6A1 (Soft Mauve)
  • #C3B7A6 (Dusty Lavender)
  • #A69E91 (Neutral Gray)
  • #7F7A6A (Olive Green)
  • #675E51 (Muted Olive)

4. Desert boho color palette

boho color palette desert tones
  • #E8C2A4 (Desert Sand)
  • #E0B18B (Clay Orange)
  • #AB856F (Terracotta)
  • #7F9172 (Sage Green)
  • #53594D (Dusty Olive)

5. Sunset boho color pellete

boho color palette sunset tones
  • #FFB997 (Apricot)
  • #FF8D7E (Coral Pink)
  • #FF5151 (Sunset Red)
  • #FFD391 (Warm Yellow)
  • #FFE899 (Goldenrod)

6. Oceanic boho color palette

boho color palette oceanic tones
  • #82B7BD (Soft Blue)
  • #AFC9C4 (Seafoam Green)
  • #547980 (Deep Teal)
  • #7E8AA2 (Dusty Blue)
  • #5E6062 (Slate Gray)

7. Forest boho color palette

boho color palette forest tones
  • #8E9B90 (Moss Green)
  • #B7C68B (Olive)
  • #D8E2C6 (Sage)
  • #BFD7EA (Soft Blue)
  • #AAB9C8 (Muted Gray-Blue)

8. Rustic Boho color Palette

boho color palette rustic tones
  • #B07B6E (Burnt Sienna)
  • #D9A87C (Rust Orange)
  • #A89F97 (Muted Taupe)
  • #7E929B (Slate Blue)
  • #5B5F65 (Charcoal Gray)

9. Dreamy Boho color Palette

boho color palette dreamy tones
  • #E6B0A4 (Blush Pink)
  • #F8D5BB (Creamy Peach)
  • #C9B5A5 (Muted Coral)
  • #A9BCD0 (Soft Lavender)
  • #D6E5E3 (Pale Blue)

harmonious bohemian color palettes

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Beautiful bohemian style color palletes, use these color palettes to design stunning branding design, interior design projects, illustrations, graphics and other boho inspired design projects on illustrator, canva, procreate or vectornator.

Final thoughts

We have shared some best boho chic inspired color palettes, try these color palettes for your bohemian inspired logo, branding, graphics, interior design projects, mix match and experiment with these, you must also check these free boho fonts to use for your design project, let us know which color palette you liked?


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