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Ai influencers are getting a huge popularity on social media and online platforms, Ai influencers are widely used for marketing purposes by many businesses, many big brands are using Ai influencers for their marketing and promotions, and many individual Ai influencers are earning good money with it. 

If you are planning to create an Ai influencer then creating consistent character is most important. Many Ai tools generate human-like images but it is very challenging to get consistent characters in all of them, for example, Midjourney AI released a character reference feature but it doesn’t always give consistent characters. In this post I will share the easiest way to create AI influencer from scratch with Ai.

What is an Ai influencer?

Ai influencers are similar to social media stars or creators who post content on social media like tiktok, instagram, youtube to capture big audiences, similarly AI influencers are non-human or digital characters created with advanced AI technology algorithms, that appear and act like real humans. 

These are used by businesses, individuals to create contents, videos on social media, connect, engage with followers to keep them hooked, Ai influencers are designed with unique personalities, names and looks that attracts people, these influencers are used to promote products, brands through their reach on social media. Sometimes, they collaborate with other influencers, brands to boost their reach on social media.

Why should you create Ai influencer?

  • Ai influencers are getting popular among new generation people on social media, you would see many people are using AI influencers for their content creations, and has millions of views on their accounts due to their attractive, catchy look, these have power to capture attention of users, make them stop scrolling whenever it appears on feed.
  • You can earn good income by creating AI influencers, once you get a large amount of followers on your social media accounts you can sign brand deals, promote products of brands and businesses, sell your own products, collaborate with other influencers to boost their reach, or start affiliate marketing.
  • Many businesses require fashion models for their brands. You can create personalised Ai influencers or fashion models using AI for them and start freelancing for these services

Why use Ai influencers as a business?

In this tech era every business is getting online, businesses need an online presence to create awareness about their products, make more sales and connect with people. It’s always challenging for businesses to find good influencers for their brand promotions, to overcome that businesses and brands can use AI influencers. Using AI influencers can help businesses in many ways.

Save money

  • Small business owners who want to create awareness about their brand, promote products, services online without spending too much money on models, actors and influencers can create their own personalised Ai influencers. Creating an AI influencer for business can save money that is spent on marketing with real models. 
  • Sometimes, models and influencers demand high fees for promotional posts, that is out of budget for new businesses, brands can reduce these expenses when they have their own ai influencer.

Save time

Searching perfect influencers for brand that aligns with their products, target customers is always challenging for brands, it’s time taking process to find right influencer that has similar audience as their own, If a brand has their personal Ai influencers then they don’t need to run behind influencers or agencies to find influencers.

Control on tracking performance

  • Businesses don’t have control on conversions, engagement when they hire real influencers, but if a business is using their own influencers, they have more control on tracking performance, analysing conversions, engagements and surety about content whether it is reaching the right audience or not.

Consistent content creation

  • For businesses it’s always challenging to create regular content, with AI influencers you can generate tons of content for your business that aligns with your target customers preferences. AI influencers are getting widely popular among new generation people, these capture the attention of users, boost engagement.

Best Ai tool to create Ai influencer or consistent character?

Many Ai tools are available on the internet to create text to images, such as Midjourney, Dall-e, Leonardo AI and many more, but getting consistent characters with these tools is a bit challenging. There is a new AI tool called Rendernet AIthat lets you create stunning and consistent characters with the help of AI. It has many other great features that help you create more engaging and attractive characters with different poses, styles, accessories by writing simple text prompts.

What is rendernet ai

Rendernet ai is a stable diffusion image generation ai tool, with very easy and clean ui, that helps you create consistent characters with different pose styles easily. It’s not only limited to consistent characters but it also allows users to create game assets, product photo shoots, avatars, closeup headsets, fashion photography etc. Rendernet has 30 SDLX models and 17 different styles that allows you to create stunning images. It is available for web and mobile versions.

Rendernet ai for consistent characters, features interface

How to create Ai influencer with RendernetAi? instagram model with ai

Step 1- Visit RendernetAi, and create your account or signup with your email. Rendernet offers you free credit to create characters, you can use these credits to test the app, and purchase a pro plan for more credits.

Step 2-Click on launch app

rendernet ai for creating ai influencer with consistent charachter ai tool app interface showing 7 Easy steps to create Ai influencer using rendernet AI

Step 3- Once you launch the app, you will see some premade characters there, you can use these characters or upload a character, either you can create it from rendernet, or other ai tool or you can use a real person face.

rendernet ai for creating ai influencer with consistent character premade characters website interface

Step 4-Upload the character image, make sure you upload a clearly and visible face, adjust the image.

Step 5- Select style, gender, age, click next and give the character a name, after naming the character click done, and you will see a popup, click on “use in canvas” button, it will take you to the main editing panel.

creating ai infleuncer with rendernet ai, website interface showing step 3 upload image

Step 6-On the left window you will find more settings, Click magic mode, here you can change style, model for the character.

Once you are done with all settings, write a prompt for the character image, provide as much as detail you can provide for the image, it will help you get best results.

Write a prompt, select image ratio and click generate.

creating ai influencer with rendernet ai, website interface showing step 4 , settings and selecting style and models

Within a few seconds you will get your Ai influencer, for more images in different clothing, scene, and pose you can change the prompt, style, and pose of the character from the same window.

To download an image, right click on image and click on download.

creating ai influencer with rendernet ai, website interface showing step 5 image generation and download image

Step 7-Now, click on face lock on left panel to keep consistent face, and choose pose control for maintaing specific pose, you can upload pose image or keep it turned off.

Change the prompt for more variation of the model. Change clothing, environment, pose, lighting, settings, places, image ratio, characher strength or any other details that you need in image.

creating ai influencer with rendernet ai, website interface showing step 6 create more poses of the influencer

By following these steps you would be able to create consistent character in different settings, after getting images you can start posting on your social media.

Now your ai influencer is ready to go live on the internet, start creating content consistently on your social media, engage with followers, connect with similar accounts, collaborate with similar accounts to get more reach, once you hit good number of following connect with influencer marketing agencies or reach out to brands for collaborations and start making money with your AI influencer.

4000+ Mijdourney , Leonardo prompts


Creating content on social media using Ai influencer can help businesses reach a wider audience across the globe with a very low investment and get good conversions, engagements and followers on social media. We have shared a step by step process to create an Ai influencer using Rendernet Ai for free. Follow these steps to create a personal AI influencer, start creating content using your AI model. Hope you like this article and understood steps to create Ai influencer. If you are interested in learning more about Ai tools then you can read this article about free ai tools for designers, and for image creation with midjouney you can follow beginners guide to midjourney v6. Let us know what ai tools you use for your business?


Who is most popular ai influencer in the world?

Lu do Magalu from Brazil, is most followed instagram Ai influncer with more than 6.9 million followers on instagram.

Who is indian ai influncer on instagram?

Naina Avtr is most famous Indian Ai influncer on instagram with more than 300k followers on her instagram.

Can I make money with ai influncer on instagram and tiktok?

Ai influncers are getting popular in online world, many businesses started using AI influncer for marketing their products on social media, Yes you can make money with Ai influncers, it has great potential to make money online by signing brand deals with businesses, affiliate marketing, product promotions etc.

Best free ai tool to create ai influncer for instagram and tiktok

You can use free text to image ai tools like Leonardo Ai, Ideogram, Dall-e, RendernetAi to create Ai influncer model for instagram and tiktok without spending money, these tools provides you free credtis to generate images.


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