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Social media platforms like instagram, tiktok, twitter etc has restrictions for sharing or attaching link in bio, link in bio tools are the best way to showcase your works, products and multiple links on your social media accounts, but choosing best link in bio tool could be challenging as there are many tools available on internet, in this article I am about to share best 3 link in bio free Ai tools that help you showcase your youtube, blog, product, portfolio or your online store links.

What are links in bio tools?

Social media does not allow users to include multiple links in bio, link in bio tools are designed to publish multiple links on social media bio such as instagram, twitter etc. These tools help you run multiple campaigns and publish all the links at one place, understand insights, link clicks, sales, performance etc. Every tool has their own unique feature and specifications. Let’s understand various link in bio tools and their features.

Why use links in bio tools?

Sharing links for products, blogs, youtube, ecommerce stores etc on social media is always challenging for creators and businesses, because social media does not allow sharing multiple links in bio, to overcome this businesses can use link in bio tools.

These tools also help businesses create a landing page that includes multiple links for blogs, youtube, stores, websites or any other links where you want to redirect your followers. These tools are beneficial for businesses to boost sales, increase profile visits, engagements, track performances, collect payments, donations etc. 

Best 3 free link in bio AI tools

1- Beacons ai

ui interface of best link in bio ai tool beacons ai

Beacons ai is popular among creators and influencers, it is a freemium Ai powered link in bio tool, it comes with advanced features unlike other link in bio tools, beacons allows users to create multiple links for their social media bio, whether it is for blog post, youtube channel, affiliate products, portfolio or any other important links.

Unlimited links-

Build unlimited links for free for your social media, manage them category wise in beautiful layouts.

Track performance and analytics- 

Keep track of your link clicks, progress, conversions etc at one place.


customize the page and layout design according to your branding

Online store-

Including these it also allows you to sell products online directly through beacons Ai platform. You can create your online store to sell physical products, digital products, online courses or consultations for free.


Create stunning websites, portfolio, online selling stores using Ai within a few minutes.

Connect with brands-

Beacons help creators and influencers with brand deals, influencers and creators can update their profile and based on your profile it connects you with brands and advertisers.

Sell services-

If you are a freelancer or service provider, you can build your portfolio on beacons ai and showcase your work portfolio, provide services to businesses through beacons ai.

Email marketing

Connect with your followers via email marketing, and build an email list, beacons allows you send emails to your followers directly via its platform that help you keep engaged with your email subscribers.


BeaconsAI works on a freemium model, you can use its free plan to create links, store, etc and  for more features you can start with a basic plan that starts with 10$ per month.

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2- Lnk.bio

ui interface of best link in bio ai tool lnk.bio

Lnk.bio is another best link building tool for social media, it allows businesses, influencers and creators to design beautiful landing pages with unlimited links to share on social media profiles, it has 27 different design layout templates to create stunning designs.

Users can customize design templates according to brand guidelines, such as fonts, colors, backgrounds and logo.

  • Embed video and audios
  • 350+ connect different social media platforms and services
  • Custom URL 
  • Custom layout for desktop and mobile devices

Trach performance and get analytics


It is a freemium model, paid plans start with 0.99 $ per month.

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3- Linktree

ui interface of best link in bio ai tool link tree

Linktree is a link building tool for social media platforms, it allows influencers, creators, businesses to create a landing page of multiple links that can be shared through social media bio. 

Unlimited links- 

create unlimited links at one place and redirect your followers to your website, blog, portfolio, ecommerce store or youtube,


customize layout, colors, visuals according to your branding design


Track analytics of your content’s performance, engagement, link clicks etc


Collect payments, donations directly through your linktree account


Linktree has a freemium model, users can use its free plans and can upgrade to paid plans that start with 5$ per month to access more advanced features.

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Final thought 

These were the best link in bio apps for social media users, businesses, influencers and creators to create multiple links for instagram, tiktok and other platforms, among these I am using Beacons AI, because it has more advanced features in free plan like customizing complete pages, email marketing, website, online store, and many more. Let us know which link in bio tool you are using right now and which is your favorite tool for adding links to your social media? Check out these best free ai tools for your projects.


What is the best link in bio AI tools ?

Beacons AI is an ai powered link in bio tool app that allows you run multiple campaigns and put all the links at one landing page, including this it also allows to set up online stores for digital and physical products, collect payments, donations, brand deals, email marketing and many more features.


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