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Croc charms are small decorative items for crocs, these come in various design styles such as cute characters, text designs, symbols, logos or any other customized designs, these are getting popular among Gen Z and millennials. 

The first croc charm was created by Sheri Schmelzer for her children’s crocs, then she planned to turn this into a business, she started croc charm business with her husband in 2005 and got popular within a year. Due to its easy customization and unique designs these became widely popular in the fashion industry, also it became collectible items for many people.

Crocs collaborated with artists, celebrities and big brands like Disney, Marvel, and created limited edition Jibbitz, which gained more popularity and high demand for croc charms. 

How to start a croc charm business?

If you are planning to start a business with low investment then croc charms Jibbitz business could be a great business for you. Selling croc charm Jibbitz has great potential and good demand in the market, people love to decorate their crocs with customised designs and charms that aligns with their fashion style. In this article we will share the steps to start croc charm Jibbitz business with low investment.

Market research

Croc charms are becoming popular due to easy installation and custom designs, GenZ love to personalize their footwear that aligns with their fashion, identifying trending themes and styles can help you choose the right niche.

Target audience

Do not go for multiple niches or broad audiences, start with a small demographic, and scale it with time, narrow down the niche, select particular niche may be sports, music, animals, or any other. Choosing a specific niche will help you choose the right products to stock, grow faster, and reach potential customers easily.

Competitor Analysis

Check out the similar brands and businesses, what they are doing, what are their best sellers, understand their pricing, marketing strategies, product range etc. it will help you understand the market gap and ideas to implement in your business.

Create business plan

Create your business plan on which business model you want to follow, such as selling offline in brick mortar stores, online stores, social media etc.

Create a detailed budget for branding design, product designs, inventory purchase, marketing, website creation etc.

Choose business name

Choosing a good business name is very important for any business. A good business name can help businesses make memorable impacts on customers and help convey your brand’s value. If you choose a short and easy name then there is a higher chance your customer will remember you. 

Always check if a username is available on social media, try to choose names that are not taken by any other business. If you are planning to start a website then also check domain availability for your business name. You can check domain name and hosting on Namecheapcloudways.

Create logo and branding

Logo is as important as the name of the brand, logo is a face of any brand, people recognise your brand with your logo, create logo and branding, packaging for your business that aligns with your business. If you need help with logo and brand identity design we can help you with logo and branding design for your business. 

Source or design products

If you are planning to sell pre-made products or resell products then you can source charms from wholesale suppliers. The best place to find affordable and good quality products is Alibaba, you will find many suppliers and multiple categories of products. You can choose the best suppliers according to your requirements.

Or if you want to sell customised designs then you can design your own charms or hire freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork to design charms and get manufactured from suppliers from china, Alibaba has hundreds of manufacturers for croc charm Jibbitz, you can check their reviews, prices and quality.

Where to sell croc charms?

You can sell your charms online on various platforms, here are some best places you can sell your products online.

Social media-

You can leverage social media like tiktok, instagram, facebook for selling your products online, many small businesses are using these platforms to sell their products, selling on social media is the most affordable way of online selling, you don’t have to spend too much money for social media, you can start with creating content regularly on instagram, tiktok, connect with followers, engage with followers and use link in bio tools for your product sales and payment collection.


Etsy is a popular marketplace to sell handmade items online, you can start selling your products on etsy with very low investment. Etsy charges .25$ per listing you upload, and you can run ads on etsy for your products. Selling on etsy could be a good start, it pushes your products to a wide range of audiences across the globe. Join etsy and get 40 free listings.


Having a website builds an authority to a business, if you have a good website for your product people are more likely to trust your products and you can add multiple products, categories to your store. Websites help businesses maintain branding of their business, it makes your business look more professional and trustable. You can choose Shopify, Wix or WordPress websites for your products.

Final thoughts

In this article we have discussused how to start croc charm jibbitz business, from marketing stragtegy to understanding target customer, finding suppiers, designing jibbitz, marketing and selling your croc charms, you can follow these steps to start your croc charm jibbitz business with low investment if you are looking for more options for low invesntment business then you can check this guide on how to start an enamel pin business. if you need more help with staring your business or desiging charms, branding, website for your business feel free to message us, we would love to help you with these.


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