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Artificial intelligence is the technology that replicates human intelligence using machines that can think and act like humans. AI can process large amounts of data. The mission of AI is to be able to do all the things such as decision making, judging like humans. AI makes work easy and can perform tasks in seconds.

microsfot copilot interface

Microsoft copilot is your everyday AI companion that helps you with a variety of tasks from finding information to creating content for your social media.

Microsoft copilot can assist you in managing your business, adding your studies and even becoming viral on social media. 

Benefits of microsoft copilot :

  • Microsoft copilot helps you to perform all your tasks whether it’s related to your business, social media, education and others.
  • Copilot helps you draft documents, analyze data in excel, prepare a presentation in powerpoint and also improve customer services.
  • Copilot also provides resources for the education sector for students which save time in studying and researching. 
  • Copilot is also helpful for social media, content creator, captions, hashtags, thumbnails, customer response and generating ideas for viral posts.
  • Having a microsoft copilot is like having a guide or friend by your side that can help you out and can guide you through the process and offer suggestions. 
  • Microsoft copilot also helps you remember your past search history.
  • For example: You searched for the book “ the psychology of money” in the past. Now you’re searching for a book that can teach you about money. It will suggest to you “ the psychology of money” first then other books.

Generate images using microsoft

Creating images using microsoft pilot is completely free and easy, dall-e 3 is integrated with microsoft copilot and bing ai image.

To access Dall-e in copilot, signup on copilot, write a prompt to generate images and click submit.

Copilot will come with 4 different images based on your prompt, you can further customise the image or re generate for more variations.

Let’s create an image using copilot-

Prompt- “Create image of coffee, smoke, dramatic enviromnment, professional photography,studio lighting, saturated background, 3d render, hyper-realistic,3d realistic mockup”

image generation with dall e in microsfot copilot

Once you get the final image, you can change the style of the image such as watercolour, painting, illustration, clay model etc. you can check these prompts for dall-e to get more ideas about prompts.

If you want to add text and other details in the image, you can transfer images to Microsoft designer, it will take you to an image editing tool by microsoft, you can add text, logos, and your branding elements to the images and save final images to your device.

What apps have a copilot?

  • Window 11 
  • Bing search AI 
  • Microsoft edge
  • Microsoft 365 apps (Teams, Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint )

What features does a copilot have?

Copilot has many features designed to enhance our daily lives.

  • Designer : This feature allows you to create a creative image from text based prompts. You can design anything that is in your mind. It’s like transforming your dream image into reality.
  • Vacation planner: This feature acts like your personal travel planner, helping you find new destinations.
  • Cooking assistant :It helps in discovering new recipes. You can learn more recipes and improve your cooking skills with the help of this feature.
  • Fitness trainer: This feature acts as your personal trainer. It provides a fitness plan that can fulfill your fitness goal. It  also suggests you exercise, diet and routine on your specific parameters.

Is microsoft copilot free?

Mircosoft copilot currently have 3 differnet plans, users can access basic features with its free plans and for businesses it has 2 different paid plans which starts from $20.00 user/month

How to use microsoft copilot in telegram?

Copilot introduced its beta version bot for telegram, users can access copilot in telegram for free. Telegram users can access copilot bot by searching “ CopilotOfficialBot “ verifying with phone number, and start using seamless advanced features, in its beta version it supports only text based requests, image generation is currently not available.

telegram interface showing microsfot copliot bot integration

Copilot bot can help users with various tasks such as recommending movies based on their choices, workout plans, language translation, create customised workout and diet plans and many more. 


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