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Creating logo design with AI has become very easy but using the correct tool and right prompt is necessary to get the best result. 

In this post you will get logo design prompt templates that you can use for your logo designs, also you will get to know about the best AI tool to use for creating ai powered logo design, including free and paid tools. 

First step is to brainstorm ideas for the logo. You can use ChatGPT to generate logo design ideas, and brainstorm concepts.

Explain your logo design requirements, or company details to ChatGPT. You can use this prompt template for this-

[ Act as an expert logo and branding designer, I want you to suggest me logo design concepts for my [ brand ] that [ provides service name or sales product type] my target customer are [ target audience] and my top competitor is [ competitors names ] I want to incorporate [ any element or letter you want to incorporate in logo] in a way that depicts my services or business. Suggest me the best suitable style for the logo, color palette, and typography for the logo. ]

Once you get logo design ideas, head over to any text to image ai tool to create logo images.

Here are some best text to image ai tool – Leonardo ai- Free [ 150 credits everyday ] – Ideogram - Free – Dall-e- Free with Bing image generator and Microsoft copilot – Midjourney AI- Paid [ 10$ per month]

Write a prompt for your logo based on the details you got from ChatGPT. You can use this basic structure for prompt writing- [ Subject+elements +style +color+background ]

Example- Logo design + featuring a dog silhouette + in vector style + minimalist theme + using white and black colors + on plain black background

Copy this prompt, edit details, experiment with it and create logos for your brand.

Once you get the design for the logo, download the image, and refine it with adobe illustrator or photoshop. Add texts, refine colors, and tiny errors in the logo, or trace the logo, change the design a little to make it original, save the file and use it for your business.

If you are planning to trademark the logo then do check copyright terms for the Ai tool from where you have created the logo, also reverse search the logo if it is already available on the internet.