Looking for a side hustle business with a low investment? Enamel pin selling can be a profitable business in 2024.

Enamel pins are popular among GenZ and Millenials.  If you are an artist or designer you can start an enamel pin business with a very low investment.

How to design enamel pins? Brainstorm ideas for enamel pins. Use advanced tools for generating ideas and concepts.

Ai tools like chatgpt and midjourney can help you brainstorm ideas for your enamel pin

Chatgpt for enamel pin sellers

Create sketches of your designs or if you have any image Transfer it to illustrator or any vector based design tool Refine and trace the design with a pen tool or brush tool.

Remove unnecessary lines and elements from the design, Fill the colors (Always use solid colors, and Pantone colors)

Always keep it simple, and clean. Do not make complicated details, Make sure all the outlines are enclosed with borders. (to fill the colors) Do not make too thin outlines

Adjust the dimensions of the design (Standard size for the enamel pins is 1 inch.) Save the design in vector format, and send it for manufacturing.