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OpenAi has released ChatGPT 4o for all free users, that comes with more advanced features than Chatgpt 3, earlier GPT’s were not available for free users but now you can use custom GPT’s for free. These GPT’s are used for custom needs such as writing, designing, image generation, research or any other task, custom GPT help you perform tasks individually without writing prompts for each task.

In this guide, I will share the best custom chatgpt 4o GPT’s that you can use to perform various tasks in ChatGPT. These GPT’s are available for all ChatGPT 4o users but with limitations.

What are GPT’s?

GPT’s are like plugins and extensions, these are personalized AI agents made for specific purposes, users can perform any individual tasks without writing long prompts or codes. GPT’s enhance your productivity, save you time, and provide you more specific results for any task.

Best custom GPT’s on ChatGPT 4o

Listed below are some best GPT’s in ChatGPT 4o that you can use for your daily tasks, and for your projects, or can sell services online to make money with AI.

Adobe express

Adobe express gpt is designed for creating graphic designs such as social media posts, banners, flyers, posters etc. This gpt could be very helpful for digital marketers, social media managers, graphic designers or  small business owners with tight budgets, they can use this GPT to create basic graphic designs for their business.

Whimsical Diagrams

Creating wireframes, diagrams, flowcharts is a very time taking and boring process, Whimsical Diagrams GPT helps you with creating detailed sitemaps and wireframes for websites and applications, roadmaps for projects, flowchart diagrams to explain your project to team members, clients, mind maps for your projects in very quick turnaround. 


Canva is a widely popular graphic design Ai tool for non designers, either you are a small business owner, digital marketer, social media manager or canva designer, you can use canva gpt in ChatGPT 4o to create posters, banners, ad creatives or any other marketing promotional materials for your business. Access Canva GPT, fill the details for your design, it will generate custom graphic design according to your needs, and you can fine tune it further as per your requirements.


Dall-e is a text to image Ai tool, you can use its custom GPT in ChatGPT 4o to create beautiful images and artworks for your design projects, marketing materials, social media posters, or Sell Ai images on Freepik or stock websites to make side income.

Graphic Designer by Ezra Richard

This GPT lets you create custom graphic design, get color palette ideas, create personalized logos, posters, brochures, and banner layouts with simple steps.

UX Design Mentor By community builder

Looking for a mentor for your Ui/Ux design projects? No problem, this GPT will guide you through your designs, provide detailed feedback for your design projects. Suggest improvements in design projects whether you are a beginner designer or an experienced designer it understands your needs and gives feedback according to it.

Best for getting detailed feedback on design layouts, visual, user flow, accessibility of design, It also helps you with creating user persona, usability testing and with research.

Video GPT by VEED.IO

Tired of using so many tools for video editing? Use this GPT to create videos within a few minutes, whether it is for tik tok, youtube shorts, instagram reels, or promotional advertisements. Veed io gpt helps you create stunning videos with simple text details to use them commercially. (always check terms and conditions for copyrights before using any content commercially)

Presentation and Slides GPT: PowerPoints, PDFs By slidesgpt.com

This GPT lets you create beautiful presentations within a few minutes, create professional ppts, pitch decks or portfolio and export them into powerpoint, pdf or google slides format. You can start freelancing and sell presentation design services to the clients on freelancing platforms.

Art Style Explorer

Sometimes it is hard to identify the details in images, to identify or analyse the images you can use Art Style Explorer GPT, upload images on ChatGPT, it will analyse the provided image and will give you prompts for the image to create similar style images and artworks.

Simpsonize Me

Want some fun and animated images for yourself or your loved ones? This GPT will help you turn your images into simpson cartoons, Upload your images and wait for the magic. This gpt is designed to transform any image in the style of famous animation series simpson. 

Many people on freelancing marketplaces sell these types of services and make a good side income with these services, you can sell cartoonizing services on freelancing platforms.


Memes are becoming most popular in marketing for businesses, many big brands and small businesses are using Meme marketing for their businesses because of the great engagement rate. You can use this GPT to create engaging, relatable and funny memes for your business.


Reading long form pdf could be frustrating and time consuming, sometimes some important information gets missed to resolve this. You can use PDF AI GPT, it helps with analyzing pdf content, make a summary of the content written in pdf and extract important information from it. 

Final thoughts

We have shared various GPT’s on ChatGPT to enahance your productivity and perform any task efficiently with help of AI, Using these GPT’s you can save your time on repetitive tasks, and perform various tasks in a very efficient way. Let us know which is your favourite GPT and which GPT you find most useful.


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