Design Book Covers With Ai

A good book cover can help you boost sales of your books,

Designing  a book cover that aligns with the story as well as attention grabbing could be crucial and expensive sometimes.

You can leverage Ai tools to design stunning book covers at a very affordable price or for free.

There are so many AI tools that can generate designs for book covers, such as  Midjourney,  Dall-E,  Leonardo Ai  and many more.

You can use these Ai tools in mobile and computer both.

These are text to image tools that generate design based on the text prompts.

Prompt- A text that instruct Ai tools about the design or a task.

After creating images from Ai tools, you can add your texts, and remove unnecesory things from the design by using any editing tool like, Canva, Photoshop or Illustrator.

Click below and check out the prompts to design book covers by using Midjourney Ai.

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