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Best free script Fonts for graphic designers

Script handwriting fonts basically mimic handwritten calligraphy which gives more personal touch to designs, these are used in invitations, Signature logos, Cricut designs, business or other types of card designs, logo designs, and other types of graphics. Scripts fonts can be in various forms such as traditional calligraphic designs, modern, casual style, elegant, sophisticated, and many more. Script fonts are categorized into two categories: Casual script fonts and Formal script fonts. I spent some time finding the 10 best free script handwriting fonts that can fit perfectly with your next project.

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free script handwriting fonts

Sometimes script fonts can be hard to read and understand for a user, these fonts are best for larger texts or headlines, so make sure these are properly readable before using them for body text.

Handwritten script fonts

Many free fonts don’t allow you to use them commercially, and they may have many terms and conditions to use them in your designs, to avoid this issue you can try paid fonts and use them freely without worrying about any restrictions, so here are some paid script handwriting serif and sans-serif fonts for your next design project.

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1- The Mozart Script Handwriting Font

The Mozart Script font

The Mozart Script font is a playful, formal, and multilingual font with six hundred of premade alternatives, each letter has more than 20 options and some have around 30+ options. It comes with 4 width options. The Mozart script is suitable for invitations, business cards, headlines, postcard designs, and logos.

2- Brittany Signature Business Font

Brittany Signature Business Font

Brittany Signature is a beautiful sophisticated multilingual signature font with a unique inky flow, it is best suitable for branding design, Logo designs, social media, postcards, invitations, headlines, posters, and much more use cases. it provides a personal and handwritten feeling to a design which makes your design stand out.

3- BeyondSweet Handwritten Wedding Font

connected script font wedding invitation swashes lowercase minimalist clean cursive beautiful beyond sweet mila garret

BeyondSweet is an elegant handwritten font that comes with a set of beginning and ending lowercase swashes and connector swashes to connect words and letters together, it is suitable for websites, social media designs, signature logos, etc.

4- White Risolles Font

White Risolles Font

White Risolles Is clean sophisticated and beautiful script font based on handwritten characters, best for branding, social media quotes, logos, invitations, packaging, and headings.

5- Fall of ghost

Fall of ghost font

Fall of ghost is a calligraphy handmade font that is suitable for wedding postcard design, stationary, marketing materials, branding, business card, quotes, greeting cards, posters, packaging, and other design projects,


Script fonts can be a great choice to use for your design projects because these give a personal touch to designs and make them more attractive, as we know these fonts can be hard to read in smaller sizes so always check them before using them in your designs. Hope you liked the free and paid font lists.

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