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Using Ai for fun is amazing but have you ever thought about making money with AI tools? We have seen tons of Ai tools in the last 2 years, some of them made a great impact in the online business world, some have disappeared. Ai tools have become an essential part of businesses, creators, educators and for common people. Here we see an opportunity to make money out of this. In this post You will learn about making money with AI tools.

How to make money with AI tools?

Every business started using the power of Ai for their business in many ways. You can offer Ai powered services to businesses who need assistance with these services, currently Ai powered services are not saturated, so it is easy to get clients for ai powered services in comparison to other services. Let’s see what services you can offer as a freelancer and make money with it.

Ai powered services to make money online

1- Earn With AI Writing

  • Writing is a high demanding skill, business, content creators, digital marketers, youtubers require a writer for various purposes, from  product description, to ad copies, copywriting, content for websites, blogs, scripts for youtube videos. You can use text-to-text Ai tools to generate content, refine it with manual touch and sell it as a service on freelancing platforms like fiverr and Upwork
  • Create your own blog website, write unique content with AI, refine it and post on your blogs,to make money with adsense affiliates. 
  • Write your own book with help of Ai, publish it on amazon KDP, Etsy, or other online publishing platforms.

AI tools for writing 

2- Earn with AI generated images and artworks

Ai generated images look very attractive that stops people scrolling, these are very cost effective, creative, professional as compared to traditional stock images, making money with AI generated images could be a great option. Many people are selling AI generated image services on freelancing platforms and making a good amount of money with it.

closeup front facing shot of a beautiful girl generated with midjourney ai v6

Here are some ways you can make money with ai images.

  • Offer Ai image generation services to businesses for their promotional materials, branding, products, marketing. You can target various industries to sell your services from gaming companies for gaming assets images, film making companies for action scenes, cinematic scenes, posters, real estate businesses for creating beautiful property images, and many more.
  • Sell AI images, book illustrations, coloring pages and artworks on Etsy, Gumroad, freepik, adobe stocks and other stock image websites.
  • Create coloring books, children books, and sell them on amazon.

Ai image and artwork generators

3- CV Resume

Design resume, CV for job seekers using text based ai tools like Chatgpt, Gemini, and transform content in free tools like canva and sell it on freelancing platforms, Sell templates on Etsy,Gumroad, Stock image websites like freepik, adobe stocks.

AI tools for resume & CV

4- Ai ChatBots

Demand for AI chatbots is increasing. You can create Ai chatbots without having any coding skills with no code platforms, and sell chatbot services to the business for 24/7 customer support, business automations, meeting schedulers, etc. 

Tools to create Ai chatbot

5- AI avatar, spokesperson, explainer videos

Videos are widely used content by businesses to communicate and engage with their customers, so the demand for video editors is increasing day by day, AI tools can help you create highly engaging videos within a few minutes, You can create custom avatars, spokesperson and create professional explainer videos for businesses, 

Ai tools for AI avatar videos

6-Video editing, repurpose

  • With the help of video editing Ai tools you can edit videos, make long form videos into shorts, enhance video quality, add captions, subtitle, sound effects, etc, in a very easy way, without having professional video editing skills, these tools are designed in a way that a non technical person can handle them. You can target podcasters, coaches to transform their longer videos into shorts for instagram reels, tik tok videos, youtube shorts. 
  • Create your own youtube faceless channel or theme based instagram page, research topics, trends, write scripts with text based tools like ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini, Generate images and motion videos with Leonardo Ai, Ideogram, Midjourney, and compile everything with Video editing ai tools.

7- Voice over & video translation service

Generate voice overs with Ai tools, translate videos in different languages, create music with Ai and sell these services to the youtubers who want to reach a wider audience, businesses who want to target customers from different countries. 

Voiceover AI tools

8- Ai-powered websites

Creating websites has become very easy with ai tools, You can create professional websites with ai tools by just writing simple prompts, You can use Ai tools to create websites and sell it as a freelancer.

AI tools to create AI websites

9- Image editing

Many businesses face issues with photos of their products. You can offer image editing services like removing backgrounds from ecommerce products, photographs, enhance & improve image quality product images. Also, many people have their old family photos that they want to get improved, you can help them edit their photos, from enhancing to colorization of images. Here are some free image upscaling ai tools.

10- Create Ai Influencer

Hiring models for photoshoots, influencers for product promotions could be very costly for small businesses. You can create Ai influencer using free ai tools, and start creating content on social media. Once you get a good number of followers, you can make money with brand deals, product promotions, affiliate marketing. You can also create Ai influencers for small businesses.

11- Ai powered graphic design

Sell graphic design services that are done with the help of AI tools and graphic design tools.

logo design of food delovery app, created with ai

Below are some Ai-powered graphic design services that you can create with ai, for, illustrations, images, icons, artworks use text to image ai tools, after generating images refine it with photoshop, illustrator or canva.

  • Ai- powered Book cover designs
  • Album cover designs
  • Youtube thumbnail designs
  • Blog post images designs
  • Social media post designs
  • Presentations, pitch decks
  • Infographics
  • Menu designs

AI tools for graphic design

12- Social media management

Social media has become an essential part of connecting with customers, every business needs social media management services, but managing business and social media together could be challenging for businesses. You can offer social media management services to businesses. Ai tool lets you automate the process of managing social media, creating content, and getting content ideas. You can manage multiple brands social media easily with the help of AI.

Ai tools for social media

13- SEO and digital marketing service

Help businesses, bloggers with Seo services to rank their website on top, Use ai tools for keyword research, analyse website performance, competitor analysis, best strategies to rank higher, creating marketing campaigns, ad copies, creating ads using AI.

14- Ai powered Interior design

Futuristic microhome with smart home technology set in a lush forest - AI generated image with Leonardo AI, closeup shot of Black charcoal futuristic statue of a man, technincal, minimal abstract patterns, cyan abstract thin lines, with wealth, money floating, monochrome dark theme, striking black background, Make money with ai

Offer interior design consultations, create personalised interior designs with AI, 3d visualisations to the clients who are looking for home improvements, renovations, office designs. Partner with interior design, architectural, furniture design firms to provide ai driven interior, furniture design renderings.

Ai tools for interior design ( transform sketch to design )

15- Affiliate Marketing

Start affiliate marketing and recommend AI tools, AI services, Ai products to your followers on social media, blogs, websites, and youtube.

16-Online courses

Create online courses, ebooks using AI tools , and sell your courses online. You can create an entire course with the help of Ai. for research, course content planning, writing you can use ChatGPT, for visuals, images you can use Midjourey, Leonardo, Dall-e. 


Making money with Ai tools has great potential as it is not competitive and saturated yet. You can sell services listed above and make money with AI tools. I have shared 16 money making ways with Ai, Pick any service, learn it in depth and start making money with it.

If you liked these ideas then bookmark this page, I will keep updating this list. Have you tried any Ai tool to make money? Let our users know if there are any other ways to make money with ai that I missed.

FAQ: Ways to make money with AI tools

Can I make money with AI tools?

AI powered tools are great way to make money by selling AI-powered services on freelancing platfrom from writing to creatinge images, book covers, websites, applications, chatbots and many more.

What is best tool for video editing?

If you are looking for an Ai tool that help you create videos, captions, translations, etc then VeedIo could be best choice for you. Veed Io is an advanced Ai video editing tool that help you edit videos with few clicks.

Where to sell ai powered services?

You can sell ai powered services on freelancing platforms like fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and on online marketplace like Etsy.

closeup shot of Black charcoal futuristic statue of a man, technincal, minimal abstract patterns, cyan abstract thin lines, with wealth, money floating, monochrome dark theme, striking black background, Make money with ai

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